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Title: Deluge
Author(s): Suaine
Date(s): 05 August 2009
Length: 50,638 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Merlin
External Links: Deluge (story)
Deluge (fanart)
Deluge (Ebook Library)
Deluge (ePub Bud)
Illustration by lizardspots

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Deluge is a Merlin/Arthur slash novel by Suaine. It was part of the Merlin Big Bang challenge Box of Magic in 2009. Word count: 50,638. The fanart for this story includes a color illustration by _afterism ("Campfire") and a color illustration by lizardspots.

Summary: In the aftermath of Merlin's battle against Nimueh, the rain seems a minor complication, perhaps even a cleansing influence. When the rain doesn't stop, Camelot is pushed to the brink once more. This time, Arthur may be in over his head. Contains: a lot of wet boys in emotional scenes, Arthur knowing more than he lets on, Merlin being an idiot, both of them being a bit stupidly heroic, telepathic chess, rain (lots of), war, making out against a tree, coincidental druids, co-opted history, co-opted myths, magic, coming of age (metaphorically), and more magically annoying yet surprisingly un-floody water than you can shake a stick at.

The story is set after the end of episode 1.13 and begins with the Great Dragon revealing to Arthur that Merlin and Morgana are sorcerers and that Arthur himself was born of magic. He also explains the premise of the whole novel:

"Merlin," the dragon says, the word ripped out of him like a crossbow bolt, "has seized the power over life and death in your name. The balance of the world is undone and he is at the centre of it. Unless he finds a way to calm the storm he has brought about, destiny and, with it, all of Albion will cease to exist."

What follows is a series of events that bring Camelot almost to the brink of ruin and Merlin and Arthur finally together.

Recs and Reviews

  • "After Merlin defeats Nimueh, the rain begins to fall in Albion. It doesn't stop. The characterization in this is just fantastic. Suaine's Arthur is so believably devoted to Merlin that the force of his love takes on an almost tangible presence in this story. It's absolutely one of the best Merlin/Arthur fics out there."[1]


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