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Name: Marta T.
Alias(es): seviet, ArtDungeon
Type: fan artist
Fandoms: Harry Potter
Other: (retired)
URL: LiveJournal (deleted and purged)
slash journal (deleted and purged)[1]
Art gallery at The Quidditch Pitch
Harry & Ron art at PSA
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Marta, also known by her LJ handle seviet, was a Harry Potter fan artist and the creator of the popular Harry Potter website, where she hosted her art.

Marta's LiveJournal has been deleted, and is no longer online. However, much of her art can still be found online, either shared by fans (e.g. see the artdungeon tag on Tumblr), via the Wayback Machine-archived copy of her website, or at the Harry Potter Lexicon[2] or The Harry Potter Companion,[3] where her art was featured with her permission.

One reviewer writes of Marta's art:

"I think it’s almost beyond question that Marta T is the most well-known and the most popular Harry Potter fanartist when it comes to drawing canon scenes. Her level of detail, depiction of characters, and beautiful layouts just drop you straight into the middle of the Harry Potter stories, and she is one of the three or four artists whose work I originally began collecting, that led to this website [The Harry Potter Companion]."[3]

Marta's art was popular for icons and other website graphics, and Marta gave blanket permission for her art to be used in icons.[4] euterpeslullaby[5] and reila[6] each put together LiveJournal mood themes of Marta's art.



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