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Name: Potter Slash Archive
Date(s): March 2001 - late 2015?
Archivist: June (teacup82)
Founder: Sarvihaara
Type: Harry-centric slash (previously Harry or James slash)
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: http://scarhead.net/
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The Potter Slash Archive (PSA) is a Harry Potter archive for Harry-centric slash. It was originally an archive for both Harry and James slash, but it split into three separate archives: the PSA for Harry slash, Stag Night for James slash, and Immortal Beloved for Harry/James slash.

"Two generations of dark hair, glasses, scarlet quidditch robes, invisibility cloaks and an effortless affinity with rule-breaking and mischief. Welcome to The Potter Slash Archive, a site dedicated to Harry and James Potter and their adventurous exploits and beautiful endeavours in relationships."[1]

glassesreflect was the Yahoo! Group for the archive from November 2001 to early 2005. A second group, psa-updates, was started in February 2005, but was short-lived.[2]



The archive was created by Sarvihaara in March 2001.[3] Sarvihaara wrote c. 2002:

The PSA started as a James slash archive ('Forever Now') because after reading HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban I was intrigued by James and liked the thought of the whole new world that could be created in stories from his era. Plus, I pictured him to look a lot like Harry, who I loved. There were so few James slash stories around that I had to group them all together.

At this stage, fanfiction.net was the only big fanfiction source around, and didn't have character searches yet and had a tendency to crash every few weeks. So it was very hard (and on occasion impossible) to find what you wanted. Hogwart's Library: The Restricted Section was starting to create a section of links to slash stories on ff.net, but was useless if ff.net crashed. So I decided to make it a Harry archive too because he's my favourite character and I read all slash pairings with him, and I wanted to create a site where there was only slash, which was easy to use and find stories and was not dependent on any other archive.[4]

In 2002, the archive was hosted by Krissy Moser at chibihanna.net. In November 2002, it moved to shadow-wrapped.net, hosted by Drusilla.

Cease & Desist Notice

In January 2003, the Potter Slash Archive (at psa.shadow-wrapped.net) received a cease and desist letter from J.K. Rowling's literary agent and Warner Bros., due to the site's "sexually explicit" Harry Potter content. The notice can be viewed at Chilling Effects.

As a result of the notice, all NC-17 material was temporarily removed from the site. A password-protected folder was set up on the archive for the material, with the password available at the (18-and-over) glassesreflect mailing list.[5]

In July 2003, the archive moved to Sarvihaara's own site at glassesreflect.net. In 2004, fauxwen became a co-administrator of the site; Sarvihaara continued to run the James fanfiction section while fauxwen took over the Harry section.[6]

Revamp & Split

In May 2005, Sarvihaara temporarily closed the PSA to "sort out what to do about the new Australian censorship laws" and revamp the site.[7][8] The archive went back up in August, with chan (underage) content removed from the site.[9] The content was moved to a locked LiveJournal group, psa_dungeons.[10]

The revamped archive (reopened in August 2005) was closed to new submissions, with new authors added on an invite-only basis. Structural and design changes were made to the site were made through 2007, including preparations for a new database (developed by Silence, who joined the site as an administrator), but the revamped site may never have been completely finished.[11]

In November 2005, fauxwen stepped down as administrator of the Harry fanfiction section, and the site was split into two distinct archives: the PSA for Harry slash, and Stag Night for James slash.[12] The PSA was taken over by Silver and Harmony,[13] while Sarvihaara continued to run Stag Night, with help from Mosh. In 2006, the Harry/James subarchive, Immortal Beloved, was started.[14]

eFiction & scarhead.net

June took over the site around 2009.[15] In January 2010, the archive was converted to eFiction; previously, the archive was coded manually by a team of volunteers.[16]

In June 2010, the archive went briefly offline because June was unable to renew the domain name, which was registered in Sarvihaara's name.[17] The site reopened in July at scarhead.net, where it remained through 2014.

As of October 2016, the site is down; the last copy saved by the Wayback Machine was on 28 September 2015.



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