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Name: The Harry Potter Slash Web Ring
Date Founded: active in May 2001[1]
Fandom: Harry Potter
Focus: slash
URL: (defunct)
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The Harry Potter Slash Web Ring was a Bravenet webring for fansites related to Harry Potter slash. It was created in 2001 or earlier. The webring owner was Magical Intrigue.[1]

Member Sites

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Member sites included:

  • Ailei's Madness - Ailei's Madness is the home of my HP slash fics as well as some original work. Harry/Draco, Sirius/Harry, Sirius/Seamus, Fred/George, etc.[2]
  • Azkaban's Lair - Herein be posted stories involving the HP characters Remus Lupin & Sirius Black.[3]
  • Final Fantasies - Mainly a site for video game-based yaoi fan fiction and art, but also home to my Harry Potter slash fan fiction. Enjoy![4]
  • The Forbidden Forest - A Harry Potter slash fanfiction archive. All pairings are accepted. Site also contains free Harry Potter backgrounds for other pages.[3]
  • GlimFics - A small fanfiction collection, including Harry Potter slash 'fics. A little Harry/Ron, a little Remus/Sirius and hopefully some more to come! *_*[4]
  • The Hellfire Club - My personal homepage with art section featuring HP anime art. Please pay a visit, okay? ^_^[4]
  • HOGWARTS LIBRARY: Slash Archive - A site dedicated to Harry Potter slash, and authors of slash. Nearly 70 stories and more being added all the time, both one-off's and series'. Find both (f/f) and (m/m) here.[3]
  • La Maison d'Ętre - Slash Fan Fic and original works by Ętre. Feel free to submit your own work, too.[2]
  • Laboris Solis - Harry Potter art and (hopefully soon) fics, both slash and non-slash (more of the former, however..)[4]
  • Magical Intrigue - Archive of all my HP fiction -- series, standalone fics, gen, het (D/Hr) as well as of course, slash! A wide variety of pairings abound -- Harry/Draco, Sirius/Remus, Harry/Ron, Draco/Ron, James/Lucius... fun stuff, people! *grin* Also available: Shipper Buttons! Flaunt your favourite ship, get a button to show for it![3]
  • Mischief*Managed - Some art, an attempt at a fanfic and a little bit of doujinshi. Whoohoo ^^;[2]
  • Positively Percy! - The only online shrine dedicated to Percy Weasley. Featuring my own Oliver/Percy and Marcus/Percy slash as well as a host of non-slash, the site also hosts character analysis, name interpretation and essays. Sister site to Perfect?.
  • Rathera's Lair - Contains a few random fics and my colossal series in progress surrounding three slash couples: Snape/Lockhart, Draco/Neville, and Ginny/Hermione.[4]
  • Shanna Seanachai's Anime Fanfic Vault - Right now my site is under construction and all that is up are my Gundam Wing Yaoi fics. Soon, however, the Miscellany section will be up and that will include my HP slash stories.[4]
  • subset - Small bohemian fanfiction archive for various fandoms, including Harry Potter. ^^;[3]
  • sweet like ruined roses - bitchboi's fantabulous hp fanfic archive. primarily harry + draco fics written from a slytherin slant, with some tom riddle mixed in for good measure. lookalikes, reccomended listenings, and fun baners abound.[2]
  • The Time Warp - Well, a very small, humble, but growing, arcive of Harry Potter Slash fanfiction. Mostly, for now, Lucius/Voldie ^^; and Harry/Draco.[2]


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