Nat's Rooftop Studio Apartment

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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Nat's Rooftop Studio Apartment
Author: Nat Carter
Dates: active in 2001
Fandom: Harry Potter, Action, Babylon 5, Road to El Dorado, Schindler's List, Miscellaneous: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Hello Dolly, Les Miserables, Deep Blue Sea, Congo, Outbreak, West Wing.
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Nat's Rooftop Studio Apartment was a personal slash fanfiction site with RPS and FPS. It was a member of the Harry Potter For Adults webring and The Harry Potter Slash Web Ring.

Description from The Harry Potter Slash Web Ring:

Lots and lots of HPSlash, mostly Snape/Dumbledore, a few Harry/Ron, and a really twisted Dumbledore/Moody. [1]



A * indicates RealPeopleSlash content. You've been warned.

*No Place I'm Going To Mellie's site. I'm way jealous, cuz it's prettier than mine.

* Not femgeeks.nat (no laughing, Melle!). Lotsa fun stuff here. Mostly RPS.

Slash Fan Fiction on the Net Enormous site, great resources. Not updated anymore, unfortunately.

Kix's Humble Abode Fic by Bast. ActionFic be here!

Complete Kingdom of Slash It really is. There's a little of everything.

Storyteller's Campsite My buddy Allaire's site.

the brat queen just go. don't make me come over there.

RareSlash Archive Ahem. Is it wrong to plug the site you archive? Umm . . . *g*

Emily Brunson's Fan Fiction Required reading for all Babylon 5 fans. And Sports Night fans. And Sentinel fans. And--hell, everyone should read Em. She's that good.

slash cotillion historical slash[2]


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