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You may be looking for Harry Potter for GrownUps.
Name: Harry Potter For Adults
Date Founded: 2007 or before
Fandom: Harry Potter
Focus: fanfiction
URL: Ring hub at WebRing.org
webring banner in 2014
webring banner in 2007

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Harry Potter For Adults is a Harry Potter webring for adult-owned fansites containing fanfiction. Its description states:

"This webring is for all of us adult Harry Potter fans out there that write fanfiction. Het and slash both welcome. Archives of fanfiction also welcome. It's not just kids that like Harry Potter!"

Member Sites

Current Members

  • Amortentia Dolorosa — Amortentia Dolorosa, the temptation to love pain, in Wizarding Latin, and a rather apt description of Pureblood feelings in 1974. Of course, whether you take it to mean schadenfreude or masochism is up to you... Players should be over 18, please.
  • Betsanne's Fiction - My webpage is mainly for my fanfiction. I have Smallville and Harry Potter fiction. I am always adding more.
  • The Dark Mark — The Dark Mark Forum, designed for Adults who love Harry Potter, all genres of fan fic/fan art welcome, we accept all ages to our community! Special sections for nc-17 fan art/fic :)
  • Deatheaters Ink — Snape fans, you will like this...
  • Full Moon Dreamers - Sirius Black/Remus Lupin fanwork. Made by the fans for the fans. For fanfictions and fanars, with monthly challenges.
  • gwendolyn's flight — A site devoted to Harry Potter(mostly Harry/Snape and Harry/Draco), Final Fantasy VIII, Gundam Wing, Weiss Kruez, and X/1999 slash and het fanfiction and pictures.
  • Hagrid Lookalike and Impersonator - Hagrid Lookalike and Impersonator Edmond Wells, stands at over 7" 2" tall. He is ideal for Harry Potter themed events, competitions, and as a crowd puller for promotions, and entertainment in character.
  • Harry Potter: War at Hogwarts RPG Board - The dark lord had returned and an army so great, so large, was being built, that there seemed to be no force on earth that could take it on. As the days grew darker, even Hogwarts was beginning to see the shadow of it's downfall drawing near; Students were dying and being killed; the Hogwarts express had crashed and many teachers were dying. Hogwarts was surely about t
  • Harry Potter and the Plantarium — Harry Potter fanarts site featuring Sirius/Remus, with more characters to come in future. Site content contains implied(?) slash material.
  • Joyleaf's Harry Potter Fan Page - A home for Harry Potter Fanart and Fanfics. Coming Soon: An online Marauder's Era comic series! And the Hogwarts Alumni Assosiation's roundrobin fanfic! Come one, come all!
  • imLittleLily: Paranormal Wyrdsmythe - . My pen name is imLittleLily. I would like to invite you to visit my newest little addition on the internet. I have created this portal for the express purpose of giving access to my Harry/Draco fanfic. My story; Beauty in Perfection; Stand By Me, was a muddle of ideas that bounced around in my head, like our dearest ferret, for almost a year. I finally began the task with j
  • Just Because - my slash fics — Diverse fandoms, RPS, and originals. Clearly separated.
  • Noire Sensus — A yaoi/slash fan site with a huge fanfiction archive for Final Fantasy VIII and IX, Harry Potter, Fushigi Yuugi, Lord of the Rings, Tekken, and more. Submissions accepted. Also holds interactive media, character information and image galleries. Boasts an ever expanding Quotes Archive.
  • The Parapet — A site devoted to the slash pairing of Severus Snape/Remus Lupin. Fanfics, fanart, links and maybe some more stuff to come!
  • Ron and Draco's Pleasure Pit — A place to find all your Ron/Draco slash. Listed by author, rating, and title.
  • the shadowland -- kalynn's fan fiction - This site is a home for the fan fiction that I have written. Including: Profiler (SJR); XFiles; Hercules; Young Hercules; Star Wars: The Phantom Menace; XMen; Harry Potter (focuses on Harry and Ron).
  • Untouchable Secrets — At last! The definite JamesPotter/SeverusSna pe fanwork shrine with pictures and fics. Do you love them together? Just enter!
  • Void of the Psyche - Fanfic oriented over multipul fandoms. Most HP fic are Harry/Draco. Home of Digi Potter.

Past Members

  • Blue Pandemonium - A slowly growing site with slash/yaoi fanfiction for Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Gundam Wing, Final Fantasy series and other fandoms.
  • Positively Percy! - A shrine that features indepth analysis, character study, a detailed timeline as well as random thoughts about the oft missunderstood Percy Weasley. Also features both slash and non-slash fan fiction and a whole host of essays and rants.
  • Remnants - Adult Harry Potter slash (male/male) fan fiction and fan art by Mosh. There are many different pairings and categories, so feel free to have a browse! Mostly NC-17. Also features a fan art page, a link to my LiveJournal, other slash site links, and LJ icons. :)
  • Shinigami's Journal — This is a general fanfiction archive and all fandoms are welcome to be submitted, but it focuses mainly on Harry Potter and Gundam Wing. Most of the works on this page are slash, but there are also het fics and het fics are accepted. *smiles* thanks!
  • Singing the Body Electric - Delphi's slash and femmeslash - rare pairings abound.