Azkaban's Lair

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Name: Azkaban's Lair
Date(s): 17 October 2000 – 01 November 2008[1]
Archivist: Nezad
Type: slash
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL:, previously (Wayback links)
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Azkaban's Lair was a Remus/Sirius slash fanfiction archive. It was hosted by SlashCity.


The archive had a typcial disclaimer and a warning about the archived fanfics being "slash (same-gender characters in a romantic relationship). If you are offended by this, please do not read."

The first story was submitted 22 October 2000 and the last update via the Wayback Machine shows 977 hosted stories.[2]

The site was a member of the Sirius & Remus Slash webring and it featured a Sirius/Remus shipper button from Magical Intrigue on the links page.[3]

Submission Guidelines

Main page with a link for newly posted stories, a search function by author or story name, links, submission guidelines, and two fanfic series by Nezad.
Azkaban's Lair is extremely proud to be associated with the SBRL group (yay!), but it is not the list's archive. I will not automatically archive a story or poem if Azkaban's Lair is not specifically mentioned in the header information, out of respect for the author.

Having said that, the *easiest* way to get on the Lair's posting schedule is to specify Azkaban's Lair on the Archive line when sending stories or poems to SBRL. When I see that, I just automatically add them to my list and you don't have to do anything else. If there's any question on my part, I'll ask for clarification. Also, if revisions are made or if information changes (e.g. new email address), let me know and I will happily update my files. :-)

Please note that the SBRL list has fanfic guidelines different from those of Azkaban's Lair (one can refer to "list-rules.txt" in the SBRL Files section for further details). As the focus of the Lair is *Remus and Sirius* as a couple, I would also ask that authors consider their work for pairing appropriateness before submitting.

Stories are requested to be in a completed status at submission time. Work-in-Progress stories may be subject to posting delay to a: see where the overall story is going (i.e. does the R/S relationship play a dominate role overall?) and to b: see if the story will be completed in a timely fashion.

For authors looking for people to beta their work, one can ask at the SBRL list for volunteers.

To those writers who submit their work outside of the SBRL list, please include Azkaban's Lair on the subject line. I will send an acknowledgement message as soon as RL lets me. Posting times of all submissions are dependent on work, but I schedule them mainly in the order they come into my mailboxes. Some exceptions may be made, e.g. Valentine, Lupercalia, or Christmas-themed fics.

If there are any questions on this or on any AL-related issue, please feel free to drop me a line at the address below. :-)

(To minimise risk of viruses, Copy and Paste onto the email is preferred.)

Along with your R/S submission just provide the following information...

Archive: Azkaban's Lair (and any other sites where archived)
Spoilers: (To aid those who have not yet finished the series)
Rating: (To see descriptions of the ratings used on this site, please click here)
Originally posted:
Notes: (if any)
Warnings: (If any, ex. character death, bestiality, etc.)
Dedications: (if any)
Feedback: (email address)
... and e-mail me



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