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Name: Amy Fortuna
Alias(es): starbrow, elance, edgeoflight, Elelome, E, Elwin Fortuna
Type: fan writer, archivist, community moderator, exchange runner
Fandoms: Tolkien, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Rosemary Sutcliff, Harry Potter, Highlander
Communities: Innumerable Stars, tolkien_slash
URL: edgeoflight@Tumblr, starbrow@LJ, amyfortuna@DW, amyfortuna@Ao3
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Amy Fortuna is a fan writer, archivist, exchange runner, and community moderator who founded the mailing list tolkien_slash and the Least Expected archive for Tolkien slash fanfiction in 1999. They remain active in social media and fandom as of 2020, including writing fanfiction.

You might know me as 'E', bisexual American living in the UK, or you might know me as 'Elwin Fortuna', writer of fanfics. In either case, you are welcome here! I'm on Ao3, Dreamwidth, and Discord as elwinfortuna. I run the exchange Innumerable Stars.
Tumblr, 9/16/2020


They changed their name on AO3 to elwinfortuna in Jul 2020, citing in a DreamWidth post that when they originally made their AO3 under Amy Fortuna they had been 19. The post also discusses some of their time in fandom.

...The name was, in part, made as a "magic spell" to help me change my fortunes, as "amy fortuna" loosely translates to "friend of fortune."

The magic spell absolutely worked. Thanks to fandom, I made friends who gave me hope, met Iroshi who became my first girlfriend, and then through LiveJournal met [personal profile] wibbble who became my husband, and my whole life changed completely. The friendships, the love, and all the happiness I have I entirely owe to fandom.


The name I use in RL is also very gendered, and while this is less uncomfortable to me, it still is a little uncomfortable, which is why I'm like "Call me E!" to my friends. This has extended online too, where I've been asking people to call me E even though that has nothing to do with the name "Amy Fortuna."

A couple of years back, I came up with the name Elwin as a solution to this problem. I love this name for multiple reasons: it starts with an E, it means "elf-friend," it's the name of the narrator in C S Lewis' Space Trilogy (love the first two books, HATE the last one!), and it just feels right to me.

At the same time, I don't want to abandon my "roots" as it were entirely. Fortune has been a friend, and I'd like to keep that "magic spell" element in my new pseudonym.

So, I will be Elwin Fortuna, friend of elves and fortune!

Call me Elwin. Call me E. Call me by my RL name, if you know it and want to (but it's the least preferred option, for my friends). My pronouns remain the same: they is best (and always makes me smile), she is fine as well.[1]

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