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Fanfiction Mailing List
Name: tolkien_slash
Date(s): September 10, 1999 -- December 14, 2019
Moderated: Amy Fortuna
Moderators/List Maintainers: Amy Fortuna
Founder(s): Amy Fortuna
Fandom: Tolkien
Scope: All slash fanworks for Tolkien-based fandoms.
URL: tolkien_slash info page; archive link
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message history

A list that discusses the slash possibility of characters in Tolkien's Middle-earth, both the books and the movies. The original LOTR slash list.

Adults (over 18) only, please. If you are not allowed to read homoerotic fiction in your area of the world, don't sign up.'

The tolkien_slash mailing list was founded on eGroups on September 10, 1999, and is associated with the Least Expected archive for fanworks. The mailing list contained a lot of early discussion about slash pairings in Middle-earth, particularly the LOTR era (though some Silmarillion fic was posted there too).

The first post, a poll about members' preferred pairing, was on September 10th, 1999, and the last post on October 17th, 2019, officially closing the list.

The list was a busy one with over 1500 members and, at its peak in early 2002, over a thousand messages per month. Over 17,000 messages were posted in total, and ranged in subject from posts containing fanfic to posts about the looks of the actors and occasional discussions about negative reactions to slashfic on other Tolkien-focused sites.

Every month an email containing the rules for the list was sent out.


This file will be sent out to the tolkien_slash list every month.

Updated as of October 10, 2005.

General Purpose of the List:

To discuss the slashiness of Tolkien's characters (any and all of them), to produce stories and pictures displaying that slashiness, and to encourage and aid one another in the production of slashy fanfiction and art.


Anyone, male or female, is welcome to the tolkien_slash list, provided s/he is at least eighteen years old. Anyone younger who subscribes is subject to being ejected from the list if his/her age is discovered.

Members are expected to know what being on this list means: that you are open to the possibility of same-sex relationships in Tolkien's Middle-earth, both m/m and f/f.

This list welcomes story discussion and constructive criticism.

Please do not post email forwards of any kind. Also, this list strips attachments, so do not send them.

Make sure when replying to someone else's post, that you 'trim' the original post so that you only reference the parts you are actually replying to.

If you have a private issue or problem with another listmember, please try to keep it in private email. Feel free to discuss any list-related situation with the listadmin in private (


Our archive, Least Expected, is currently down for renovations. Watch this space for the return of the site.


Feel free to add them to the shared files at yahoogroups.

The pictures should be slashy in nature. There are plenty of places that store general pics -- I want the sexy ones! Please give proper credit to the artist if not made by yourself.

RPS Policy

This is a group for the discussion of slash in Tolkien's work, and there are plenty of other places to discuss RPS, so discussion and stories that involve RPS are not allowed here.


If you have an essay about Tolkien slash, or a movie review, please post it in the shared files or feel free to post a link to your website onlist.

If you have any questions about this set of list policies or any other questions about the list in general, please email me at

Amy Fortuna tolkien_slash list admin