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Bisexuality is a sexual orientation in which a person feels sexual attraction to more than one gender/sex of people.[1][2][3]

Bisexual Characters


  • In the Animorphs YA series, Marco was hinted to be bisexual, and coauthor Michael Grant confirmed they had feared that publishers or networks would not allow an explicitly bi character at the time the series was coming out.[4][5]
  • Jake from Warrior Cats is implied to be bisexual. He has fathered children with two different female cats, and co-author Kate Cary has stated that she views Jake’s relationship with Tallstar as romantic, although the series’s publisher considers them simply good friends.[6]



Video Games

History of the Genre

Discourse and Meta


When NPCs in video games can be romanced by a protagonist regardless of the protagonist character's gender, this is sometimes deemed "Playersexuality" and has been criticized as poor representation.[11][12]

Biphobia in Fandom

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