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Name: Clara Oswald
Occupation: Doctor's companion, Nanny
previously barmaid and a governess
Title/Rank: The Impossible Girl
Relationships: The Doctor
Fandom: Doctor Who
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Clara Oswald (also known as Clara Oswin Oswald after her various "splinters") is the sixth companion of the Doctor to appear in the reboot of Doctor Who. She is portrayed by Jenna-Louise Coleman. Clara is presented to the audience as three distinct, though similarly-named, people all portrayed by Coleman.

Character Background

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The Eleventh Doctor first meets Oswin Oswald in the Dalek Asylum. She is Junior Entertainment Coordinator for the Starship Alaska, which has crashed there. She is also a computer genius. She uses her hacking skills to save the Doctor, Amy, and Rory from the Asylum, but when the Doctor comes for her, he learns she has already been converted into a Dalek. In her grief she kills herself saving him.

After losing Amy and Rory, the Doctor meets Clara Oswin Oswald in Victorian London. She is leading a double life, as Clara Oswald the barmaid and Miss Montague, the governess. She is killed in the course of the adventure, and her last words - "Run, you clever boy, and remember" - reveal her connection to Oswin Oswald of the future.

Clara Oswald, a modern version and the original, who does not have the middle name Oswin, also works as an au pair. Her friend has died and she is helping her husband and children for a few months while planning adventures of her own. She is terrible with computers; calling a help line, she accidentally reaches the Doctor, who is thrilled to find her again and quickly whisks her off on his adventures. Over the course of the season they discover that her life is entwined with the Doctor's: leaping into his timeline to save his life, she is scattered across all his lives, intervening to save him - and dying as a result - in every one.

Like Amy and Rory before her, Clara tries to split her time between the Doctor and an ordinary life, with limited success. The children she au pairs catch on to her adventures, and convince her to include them, nearly becoming Cybermen as a result. Persuading the Doctor to fill in as her boyfriend at a family Christmas dinner is similarly disastrous.

After leaving her au pair work, Clara becomes a teacher at Coal Hill School - the same school attended by the Doctor's granddaughter in 1963, where First Doctor companions Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright once taught, and where Ace once hit a Dalek with a baseball bat. There she meets and falls in love with fellow teacher and former soldier Danny Pink. Dating Danny leaves her more conflicted about her double life: she can't tell Danny about the Doctor, since he can't possibly believe her, but she doesn't want to give up her adventures either. Traveling in the TARDIS and always making dates on time leaves her exhausted.

When Danny and the Doctor finally meet, things don't go well. Danny accuses the Doctor of dominating her, while also dominating her himself. When the Doctor leaves her stranded on the moon with a student and a hundred nuclear bombs, Clara swears off time travel and tells him to leave her alone. However, she agrees to a "last hurrah," a trip on the Orient Express - in space. After that trip, she realizes she is addicted. She decides to lie to the two most important people in her life, telling Danny that she is quitting, and telling the Doctor that Danny has changed his mind about not wanting her to travel, and continues her double life.

When Danny is killed in a road accident, and turned into a Cyberman, Clara realizes she can't have it all, and commits herself fully to adventures with the Doctor.


Clara is commonly shipped with the Eleventh incarnation of the Doctor, and more recently the Twelfth Doctor as well, particularly in the Series 9 timeframe during which the actors and showrunner repeatedly described the two as being engaged in an "old fashioned romance".

In some fan circles she travels with Jenny, the Doctor's daughter; sometimes one or the other of them is the Doctor, and they are often in a romantic or sexual relationship. More rarely she is placed in a similar configuration with Rose. The Series 9 revelation that Clara might have had a bisexual relationship with author Jane Austen (hinted at in two episodes, with one having Clara describe Austen as "a phenomenal kisser") led to shipping of the two.

Clara is often compared to the other companions of the Doctor, especially with Rose Tyler. [1] [2]

In crossovers she is sometimes shipped with Bucky Barnes, due to Coleman's role as his girlfriend Connie in Captain America: The First Avenger.


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