Josephine Montilyet

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Name: Josephine Montilyet
Occupation: Diplomat
Title/Rank: Ambassador
Fandom: Dragon Age: Inquisiton
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Josephine ("Josie") Montilyet is an advisor to the Inquisition in Dragon Age: Inquisition. She is also a potential love interest for a male or female Inquisitor.

Josie was written by Sylvia Feketekuty, and voiced by Allegra Clark (who is herself a fan of Dragon Age, and had participated in fandom). Allegra Clark tweeted that fans should feel free to create fanworks about Josie: "A few people have asked me, so I just want to say: I am so support Josie fanworks of any kind. Shippy, sexy, whatever your heart desires. I used to be an active member of fandom, so I don't want anyone to feel embarrassed about their creative expressions just b/c I'm on tumblr! TL;DR if your inquisitor is smooching Josie and you want to draw/write about it then please do, it means #TeamJosie did something right XD" [1]


For a long time, Jospehine was one of the new characters fans knew the least about. On her thread on the BSN, Josie was referred to as "Scribe Girl," before fans adopted the nickname "Scribbles." Some people hoped that her fan-created nickname would receive a shoutout in the game, as happened with Javik in Mass Effect 3.

Fans wondered at various points if Josie was intended to be a PoC. There were also accusations of whitewashing.

Aidan Scanlan, a dev at BioWare, tweeted the following haiku:

All Josephine writes
are love poems poems to Cullen.
Inquisitors smiles.

Some fans took this to mean that Jospehine and Cullen would begin a romance if neither one of them were romanced by the Inquisitor:

"So, Cullen X Josephine.....I can hear the daggers being sharpened by fellow Cullenites."
"You're not kidding. It's already a thing on tumblr. [2]
So much for everybody loving Josie..."


Josephine is the "Disney Princess" of Dragon Age. Josie's romance is generally referred to as being adorable, although there has been some discussion about her sex scene--or lack of a sex scene. Unlike most other LIs, Josie does not have a sex scene with the Inquisitor. Fans wondered whether Josie and the Inquisitor had sex, and some fans claim that the lack of a clear answer means that Josephine isn't a "real" romance.

Josephine's writer addressed this issue:

Hi everyone. I’m Josephine’s writer. As a rule I don’t post here [The Bioware Forum], but I thought I’d make an exception to talk about my intentions with Josephine’s romance, mostly because people seem curious about it.
In the previous romance I wrote (Liara in ME3) there was a more explicit sex scene near the end of the character’s arc. I wanted to try something different for DA:I – have the intimate moment be earlier, be implied rather than seen, and leave the level of intimacy ambiguous so players could fill in what they wanted. The scene where the Inquisitor kisses Josephine for the first time and the screen fades to black is, to my mind, the first place they may be physically together… or it may just end in a kiss. That part I wanted to be interpreted more by players, not myself. [3]



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