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Synonyms: Disaster bisexual, bisexual disaster, bi disaster
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A disaster bi (also called a disaster bisexual, bisexual disaster, and bi disaster) is a bisexual person or character who is some combination of messy, impulsive, unsuccessful in life, full of chaotic energy, and/or socially inept or inappropriate. The term is used outside fandom, typically as a humorous self-identification, but it is also applied to characters who are canonically bi or headcanoned as such by fans.

Origin and spread

The phrase "disaster bi" has its origins in a variant of the popular 3x3 D&D alignment chart meme. This variant, first posted to Tumblr as a blank template by user mechanicalriddle in November 2017, has axes labelled "gay/bi/lesbian" and "distinguished/functional/disaster."[1][2] The original post by mechanicalriddle has gained nearly 14,000 posts, and the meme format has become popular in fandom.[2]

By 2018, the term had spread outside of fandom, becoming a humorous self-identification among bisexual people.[3] It often comes up in discussions of the so-called "disaster" tendencies some bisexuals claim to share, like an inability to sit correctly in chairs,[3] or overuse of the finger gun gesture.[4]

Disaster Bi Characters

Canonically bisexual

Canonically straight or unknown