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Developer(s)Supergiant Games
Release dateDecember 2018 (early access); September 2020 (official release)
External link(s)Official Site
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Hades is a roguelike action game created by indie developer Supergiant Games with a large narrative component. It is based on and features characters from Greek Mythology.


The game centres on Zagreus, son of the titular Hades, as he battles his way up through the Underworld in order to reach the surface above. Along the way, various Olympic gods offer him boons and abilities to help him on his journey: Zeus, Poseidon, Athena, Aphrodite, Artemis, Ares, Dionysus, Hermes, and Demeter.

To leave each region of the Underworld (Tartarus, Asphodel, Elysium, and The Temple of Styx) Zag has to fight several bosses: the Furies (Megaera, Tisiphone, and Alecto), Lernie (Bone Hydra), Achilles and Asterius, and finally Hades himself.

He is also aided by several other characters during his escape attempts: Thanatos (Death Incarnate), Sisyphus, Eurydice, and Patroclus. Other characters he interacts with include: Achilles, Hypnos, Nyx, Orpheus, Dusa, Charon, Skelly, Cerberus, and Chaos.


Fanart is popular in Hades fandom due to the games unique and complex character designs.

The Hades Big Bang was announced in October of 2020, roughly a month after the release of the game.


Zagreus/Thanatos is the most popular slash pairing. The OT3 of Thanatos/Zagreus/Megaera is also popular.

Other common ships include Achilles/Patroclus, and Hermes/Charon.

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