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Name: Zagreus/Zag
Occupation: Deity
Fandom: Hades (video game)
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Zagreus is the protagonist of the 2019 video game Hades, from Supergiant Games. He is voiced by Darren Korb, who also composed all of the music.


Like all of the characters in the game, Zagreus is based on real figure from Greek Mythology, albeit a lesser-known one. He is introduced as the son of Hades, lord of the Dead and the Underworld, though the identity of his mother presents an early and major plot reveal.

Zagreus has some powers of regeneration and immortality, and was trained to fight by Achilles.


Many fans and reviewers commented on being particularly surprised by Zagreus' amiable and polite demeanor, expecting a much more "edgy" character based on the initial marketing.

One particular trend among fan artists is to draw Zagreus in the outfits of the various Olympian gods who bestow their boons onto him.


The most common pairing is Zagreus/Thanatos or ThanZag.

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