The Road to El Dorado

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Name: The Road to El Dorado
Abbreviation(s): RtED
Date(s): March 31, 2000
Medium: Animated Film
Country of Origin: United States
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The Road to El Dorado is a DreamWorks adventure comedy animated film.


"In 16th-century Seville, Spain, and tells about two men named Tulio and Miguel. During a dice game using loaded dice, they win a map that supposedly shows the location of El Dorado, the legendary city of gold in the New World. However, their cheating is soon discovered and as a result, they end up as stowaways on Hernán Cortés' fleet to conquer Mexico. They are discovered, but manage to escape in a boat with Cortés' prize war horse and eventually discover the hidden city of El Dorado, where they are mistaken for gods." [1]

Main Characters

  • Miguel - one of the con artists and is more fun-loving compared to Tulio
  • Tulio - the other con artist and is the planner
  • Chel - a young native from El Dorado who discovers Tulio and Miguel's con and decides to play along
  • Altivo - Hernán Cortés' prize war horse than accidently joins Miguel and Tulio on their adventure
  • Tzekel-Kan - a fanatically vicious high priest of El Dorado
  • Chief Tannabok - the kind chief of El Dorado


Road to El Dorado fandom is fairly small, probably due to it being a box-office bomb back in 2000. However, there are still fans of the movie which with the help of the internet such as Tumblr and Deviantart along with and Archive of Our Own, the fandom is steadily growing despite it being over 14 years since the movie was released[2]. Gifs, picspams, and fanart are often seen on Tumblr as well as Deviantart. On youtube, various crossover pairing vids can be found featuring Miguel, Tulio or Chel. Fans of Road to El Dorado often cosplay it mainly as Miguel, Tulio, and Chel.

The main pairings are Miguel/Tulio, Tulio/Chel, Chel/Miguel and the threesome Chel/Miguel/Tulio. Various crossover pairings also appear in different types of fanworks, especially when crossovered with other DreamWorks and Disney films.

For the week ending in November 21st, 2016, The Road to El Dorado made Tumblr Fandometrics for Top 20 Movie tags, reach #16[3].

Other Fandoms & the Gifs

The "Both? Both. BOTH. Both is good." gif.

Fans from other fandoms often use gifs of the characters to portray their feels for example the "Both? Both. BOTH. Both is good." gif (seen to the left) is often portrayed when fans can't decide between two pairings, and decide to ship a threesome.

There are many other good gifs used by fans from other fandoms - [1] has a lot of examples.

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