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Name: Fandometrics
Date(s): 2014 – present
Submissions: no
Type: metric
Fandom: Fandom and the Internet
Scope: fandom, ships, fan favourite, memes and more
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Fandometrics is a Tumblr blog tracking the popularity of fandoms on the site.[note 1]

About Fandometrics

Fandometrics is the result of our efforts to compile a database of Tumblr’s favorite entertainers and entertainments, and track the shifts in our users’ collective affection. Every week, our Content team puts together a list of the most frequently used tags on the platform, accounting for the following criteria:
  • How many posts were created that contain the tag
  • How many times that tag was searched for
  • How many times a post using that tag was reblogged
  • How many times a post using that tag was liked

Our system sorts each tag into one of the nine Fandometrics categories. If the tag is unknown, we assign a category to it. Related tags are grouped—for example, the show Supernatural is referenced by both the “supernatural” and “spn” tags. This allows as much of the conversation as possible to be captured.

Within those categories, each fandom (that is, each group of related tags) is ranked based on the weighted mean of the four actions listed. The factors by which we weight them are a secret, but basically we’re accounting for the fact that, for example:

  • Some of these actions are performed more frequently than others. For example, searches are performed more often than original posts are created.
  • Some of these actions are more visible than others, and more likely to produce additional actions. Posts and reblogs, for example, will be seen by many people across the blog network. Searches, conversely, are between you and your computer.

To make a long story short: We weight and normalize the number of actions to create a more accurate picture of each fandom’s influence across Tumblr.

Fresh rankings are posted every Monday between 2:30 and 4 PM EST.

Year in Review

Year in Review is an annual series of posts listing the most popular fandoms of the year by type.

Fandometrics in Depth


  1. ^ The blog has changed its URL, migrating all its content, so some links may seem strange, it is recommended to changethefandometrics.tumblr.com to fandom.tumblr.com in the web address if necessary.