Rosa Diaz

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Name: Rosa Diaz
Occupation: police detective
Relationships: Adrian Pimento (boyfriend)
Fandom: Brooklyn Nine-Nine
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Rosa Diaz is a police detective on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. She is played by Stephanie Beatriz.


Rosa is tough, sarcastic, and shows little emotion to her friends and colleagues, except for her anger. She keeps most aspects of her personal life private, including where she lives or most of her life prior to joining the police.


Rosa is part of the femslash ships Amy/Rosa and Gina/Rosa. She is occasionally shipped with her canon fiancé Adrian Pimento.

Give Rosa a Girlfriend

In July 2016, Stephanie Beatriz came out as bisexual,[1] and while Rosa's character already had a queer following before this, the news only bolstered fan interest. On tumblr and twitter fans had already taken to using the phrase "give Rosa a girlfriend" before Beatriz came out,[2] which is used across multiple fandoms as "give [x] a girl/boyfriend". The phrase became more prevalent in 2017, sometimes adding "give Rosa a girlfriend you cowards"[3][4]

2017 also saw Beatriz give an interview in which she spoke about her own wish that Rosa could be shown dating a woman.

[Rosa]’s had two boyfriends at this point or two beaus, and both of them have been really fun in their own odd ways. I personally think it would be really fun to see her date a girl. It’s been dropped quite a few times in the series that she is attracted to girls. It’s not a problem for her.[5]

After this Beatriz continued to interact with fans wanting to see Rosa get a girlfriend, particularity on twitter[6] This trend toward fans wanting a girlfriend for Rosa also brought more interest in Gina/Rosa, though Amy/Rosa had been the more popular pairing in the past, Amy's canon relationship with Jake made Gina/Rosa a more plausible relationship to happen within the series. Both Beatriz and Chelsea Peretti (Gina) have teased their support of it.[7]

In December 2017, in the 100th episode (Season 5 Episode 9), Rosa's character did explicitly come out as bisexual.[8]

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