Fenris (Dragon Age)

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Name: Fenris
Occupation: Warrior
Relationships: Varies
Fandom: Dragon Age II
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Fenris is a character in Dragon Age II. He is one of Hawke's companions, and is romanceable by a male or female character.

Fenris is strongly anti-mage. He spent most of his life as a slave to a Tevinter magister, Danarius. Fenris was implanted with lyrium markings which grant him special abilities, but also stripped him of his memories.


Fenris is one of the more popular characters on the Dragon Age Kink Meme. He is frequently paired with Hawke or Anders ("Fenders"). Fenris' strong dislike and distrust of mages makes for a relationship dynamic many fans find compelling. If neither character is romanced by Hawke in-game, Fenris and Isabela begin an off-screen sexual relationship during the third act. Their semi-canon relationship doesn't receive much attention.

If romanced, Fenris and Hawke will share a night together during the second act. This causes memories of his previous life to briefly resurface, and Fenris always leaves Hawke. Their relationship can be resumed in Act III, three years later. This three year gap is frequently addressed in Hawke/Fenris fanfic.

It is implied that Fenris was sexually abused by Danarius, though this has been left unspecified by word of god. [1] Danarius/Fenris non-con and dub-con fics appear on the DA Kink Meme. Hadriana, Danarius' apprentice, is also sometimes paired with Fenris in an abusive relationship.

Tevinter AUs are relatively popular. These frequently involve Hawke or Anders as a magister who owns Fenris. Alternately, Hawke may be a fellow slave under Danarius' rule.

Response to the Character

Fenris is a very popular character in some circles, while in others, he is yet another example of what went wrong with Dragon Age II. Fans of the character find his backstory compelling. Some fans relate to him as a survivor of abuse/ trauma. Other players consider Fenris "fangirl bait." They find his dislike of mages repetitive and annoying. [2]


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