Dragon Age Kink Meme

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Name: Dragon Age Kink Meme, dragonage_kink
Date(s): Created 2010-02-25
Type: kink meme
Fandom: Dragon Age
URL: dragonage_kink @ LJ, dragonage_kink @ delicious, dragonage_kink @ pinboard, dragonage-kink @ dreamwidth

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The Dragon Age kink meme is a popular kink meme hosted on LiveJournal. While fanfiction is the most popular, people also fill requests with fanart; aimo has posted fills in the form of art and comics.

This kink meme has a series of basic rules, including no sex with underage characters, all posts must be anonymous, and a "be kind" stipulation.

There are a variety of pairings represented; according to the Filled Prompts delicious, slash has over 1800 fills and het has just over 1000.[1] Despite having only been released in early 2011, Dragon Age 2 has more filled prompts that Dragon Age: Origins.[2] After the player character Hawke, Anders is the most popular character in prompts, with 844 fills as of August 2011.[3]

After a rule change on livejournal which made porn and homosexual content against the terms of service, there was an exodus to dreamwidth, which has no such issues.


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