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Name: Aimo
Alias(es): Irma Ahmed
Type: Fan artist
Fandoms: Mass Effect, Dragon Age,Star Wars: The Old Republic, etc.
Communities: Swooping is bad, among others
URL:; aimo on deviantART
Aimo's iconic Lady Aeducan.
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Aimo is one of the most (if not the most) popular fan artists in Dragon Age fandom.[1] She draws in a wide range of fandoms, but her main body of work is art for BioWare games like Dragon Age, Mass Effect or Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.[2]

A 2010 mini-bio from a BioWare blog entry references some of her fan and professional work:[3]
Aimo, real name Irma Ahmed, has been playing Bioware games since the days of Baldur’s Gate II. Dragon Age:Origins is her current gaming ambrosia, which has inspired many fan creations on her part such as artworks, comics, and even storyboard animatics of party banter. She credits the game for unearthing an affection for the Dwarves, as evidenced by pro-dwarf themes in her tributes.

When she’s not juggling game time between a Dwarf Princess, an Underdog Elf, and a Noble Whelp, she is a professional sketch card artist. Her work credits include traditional medium art for card companies as Topps, Upper Deck, and Rittenhouse Archives on properties of Lucasfilm, New Line Cinema, and Marvel. She intends to sit down and start working on that one great comic opus in the near future.

Themes & Genres

Her style is very distinctive, and she is particularly well known for her fan comics. Her topics range from humorous shipping manifestos [4] to darker themes in keeping with game canon[5] and usually feature her player characters/avatars, although she also draws commissions.

Of her characters and pairings, most notable is the het romance between dwarven Lady Aeducan and Alistair from Dragon Age: Origins,[6] but she equally draws slash pairings, like her m!Hawke/Fenris rivalmance from Dragon Age II.[7] and gen.[8]

Apart from drawing and writing about her own player characters, Aimo has contributed numerous Dragon Age Kink Meme fills.[9] She also has an arrangement with Livejournal community Swooping is bad: while her worksafe art can be reposted at will, explicit artwork is exclusive to the community and may not be reposted.[10]

Recognition by BioWare

Aimo's art and comics are regularly featured in official BioWare venues, like the BioWare blog or Mass Effect Facebook presence.[11]

In 2010, she also collaborated with Dragon Age lead writer David Gaider on the comic The Revelation.[3]

Gaider says about the impetus for the collaboration:[3]
"I’ve always been a big fan of Aimo’s art – she has an incredible ability to capture the emotions of her characters. So I started chatting with her a bit back in January, and the idea came up for us to maybe collaborate on something. I mentioned a cutscene we had considered doing prior to Morrigan’s offer in the climax [...] but which had been left on the cutting room floor along with so many other scenes. [...] but this comic will maybe allow some people a brief glimpse into the 'might have been' that was."


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