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Journal Community
Name: swooping_is_bad
Date(s): 2009-present
Moderator: emynii, finding_marie, hollywithaneye, irvys_sefie, kalyissa, meandering_mynd, sagacious_rage, vehlr
Type: on livejournal
Fandom: Dragon Age: Origins
URL: http://community.livejournal.com/swooping_is_bad

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swooping_is_bad or "sib" originated as a fan community for the character of Alistair from the computer game Dragon Age Origins. It is the oldest and largest Dragon Age community on Livejournal, and is the focus of much of the Dragon Age Origins fandom on LJ, even that not involving Alistair.

With the imminent release of Dragon Age II, to keep the community alive and kicking, it was officially re-dedicated to all things Dragon Age, including all characters and sequels, since Alistair only had a cameo appearance in the DA:O sequel. [1]

The title of the community is a reference to the line "Yes, swooping is bad" said by Alistair early on in the game in answer to the question "You fear barbarians will swoop down upon you?". It is very funny. [2]

As well as the livejournal community itself there is an associated IRC channel.


  1. And we realize that if we don't change, the community will gradually fade. We don't want that to happen. This community has grown into a vibrant, supportive, fun place and we're not ready to see it go. So we have decided that we are no longer an Alistair specific community. We are now a community for all things Dragon Age.
    6 November 2010. sagacious_rage. Some Housekeeping Notes. Accessed May 2nd 2011.
  2. 30 January 2011. Swooping is BAD Youtube video posted by pepsimalibu. Accessed May 3rd 2011.