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Name: GladSlash
Date(s): June 2000
Archivist: Amy Fortuna
Founder: Amy Fortuna
Type: slash
Fandom: Gladiator
URL: (Wayback link)
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GladSlash was a small Gladiator slash archive. It was hosted by GeoCities.

The site was a member of the SPQR webring and the Gladiator Movie webring.


  • Make You Go Down Jennifer NC-17 6/5/00 A challenge accepted.
  • Resolution Joanne Collins NC-17 6/15/00 Changing the end.


  • Shifting To Dream Amy Fortuna G 6/3/00 After the end.
  • Fateful Night Amy Fortuna R 6/15/00 Cicero's POV of 1st part.
  • Cold Sky Of Memory Amy Fortuna PG-13 6/15/00 Memories.
  • No Easy Way Out Amy Fortuna PG 6/15/00 Problem solving.
  • Straight Out From Underneath Amy Fortuna R 6/15/00 Disaster.
  • Epilogue: Rays of Eternity Amy Fortuna PG 6/15/00 The end -- or not?

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