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Name: Rosemary Sutcliff
Also Known As:
Occupation: Writer
Medium: Fiction novels
Works: The Eagle film, The Eagle of the Ninth series, Sword at Sunset, The Armourer's House, The Mark of the Horse Lord, Simon, Outcast, Warrior Scarlet, Knight's Fee, The Witch's Brat, Sun Horse, Moon Horse, Flame-coloured Taffeta, Black Ships Before Troy, Blood and Sand and many others
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Rosemary Sutcliff (1920–1992) was a prolific writer of children's and young adult books.

Many of her novels feature deep male friendships attractive to slashers, comparable to another British writer, Mary Renault. Most of her works are historical fiction about Britain before, during and after the Roman Empire, the Ancient Greeks, the Celts, the Saxons and the Vikings. She also wrote novels set in the mediaeval period, the English Civil War, and a series of novels retelling Arthurian Legends.

The Eagle of the Ninth and Its Fandom

Her most famous set of works is the Eagle of the Ninth series, novels set in different time periods in Roman and Dark Ages Britain but linked by the Aquila family dolphin ring passed down through the generations. The first in the sequence has been filmed as The Eagle, starring Channing Tatum (Marcus Aquila), Jamie Bell (Esca) and Donald Sutherland as Uncle Aquila, and was released in February 2011.

The fandom is a small Yuletide-eligible fandom, producing gen and slash. The Eagle movie drew new fans attracted by the slashy subtext between Marcus Flavius Aquila and his servant Esca, and greatly increased the number of fanworks based on The Eagle of the Ninth (novel, film, and a combination). Many modern AUs have been written, not a feature of the pre-film fandom. Since the film, activity relating to other Sutcliff works has also increased substantially, especially Frontier Wolf and other novels in the Eagle of the Ninth series, as well as some standalone novels, particularly Blood Feud, The Mark of the Horse Lord and Outcast.

See The Eagle of the Ninth and The Eagle pages for more information and specific resources.

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