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Recommendation Website
Name: Amy Fortuna's Recs Page
Reccer(s): Amy Fortuna
Dates: active in 2000
Focus: slash
Fandom: Star Wars TPM, Velvet Goldmine

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Amy Fortuna's Recs Page was a personal fanfiction recommendation site. It was a member of the Slash Recommendations webring and hosted by GeoCities. The recommended stories are mostly Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan slash.

The site was linked at "SlashCity's List'O'Links, Categorized and Sub-categorized For Your Convenience" in the category "Fanfiction Reviews".[1]

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Star Wars Slash Recs


       Substitution/Without Dreams, There Could Be No Despair/The River-bank/Sanity In Madness/Saints And Seekers/Lives of the Saints by Telanu [author's site]
       This series is absolutely incredible, hot, beautiful, sweet, and tender all at the same time. Gosh, I wish I could write like this.
       A More Certain Path/Path To Oraclyne/Consolation/His Master's Hair by Master Eliz-mar Von
       In the first one, a wonderful story of Obi-Wan after the events of Jedi Apprentice 5 is told--how he really becomes Qui-Gon's padawan. In the second Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon discover that together they are something quite unusual.The last two are short sweet relationship pre-slash stories.
       The Letters Series by Lori and Wolfling
       If you are a Qui/Obi fan and you haven't read this series, I'll have to ask you if you've been hiding under a rock somewhere. But if for some reason you have missed them, run, don't walk, to this URL and get reading. This is absolutely the best, most romantic, Qui/Obi series I have read yet. The idea is that after Naboo, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan go in different directions, each thinking that the other doesn't want them. Until a letter happens to be sent to Coruscant....completely by accident...
       Also check out the Foursome Series, which picks up after the end of the Letters Series.
       With Or Without Consent/ Mirror Version/ The Resolution by Rushlight
       This series is not for those who want sweetness and light, but will be fascinating to those would like to see an example of a very twisted Qui-Gon and a very forgiving Obi-Wan.  The author takes on a serious challenge here: can Obi-Wan move past the worst thing that a Master can do, when his Master does it? Do not read this if you are sensitive and make sure to read the warnings first.

Underage Fics

       Love Lessons Series by Augusta Pembrooke
       In a universe where Masters teach their Padawans everything--yes, everything--what is Qui-Gon's and Obi-Wan's relationship like?
       Padawan Learner  by Tue
       This story is a fascinating look at a Jedi culture where the initiate can become a padawan apprentice and be bound to his master for life. Illustrates the abuses of that system and the benefits of it. :-)
       Best Medicine by Russet McMillian
       I love this story for both the wonderful flashbacks and the equally wonderful *hot* sex. Underage, yes, but not very much so.
       Ghosts by Pumpkin and Tue
       This is a beautiful "love is timeless" story. I was highly amused by the name of the planet the story occurs on, for some reason. :-)
       Master Jinn Is Licking Obi-Wan by Pumpkin
       Surely this has *got* to be the most sexy threesome in the entire galaxy!
       All the above stories can be found on Pumpkin's Slash Patch, in the Phantom Menace patch.

Long Stories

       The Jedi Temple Murders by analise & Kirby Crow
       I think what captured me in this story most was the imagery of the butterflies. I love butterflies and seeing them featured so prominently in a Qui/Obi story was almost more than I could take. Also, the mystery was excellent, drawing me into itself, trying to think, 'who could it be?' And the characters were envisioned with subtle skill-no stereotypes these! Last but not least, I could feel the beauty of their relationship-not to speak of the fact that making love in a garden is one of my favorite fantasies!
       In My End Is My Beginning by Lilith Sedai
       Now this is an incredible story! I love everything about it--the bittersweet love affair on Obi-Wan's part, the time travel, the angst, the ending, and the knowledge that you may not be able to fix the universe, but you can try to change it. The characters ring true, the story is dramatic-I wasn't able to even switch windows while reading it, it kept me so on the edge of my seat. Enjoy this one!
       L'Histoire D'Obi by Lilith Sedai
       If this isn't required reading for all Q/O fans, it should be. The masterful tale of Obi-Wan's horrible trial as a pleasure slave on a diplomatic mission drags you into itself and doesn't let you go. Can Qui-Gon live with what he's done? Can Obi-Wan come to terms with his desire for his Master? These questions will be racing through your head as you read this. NB: There are some very rough scenes in here. Also, I would not advise reading most of this in a public place.
       Apprentice to Journeyman by Susan Smithson
       A long story, but well worth reading. The story of Obi-Wan as he grows and changes, to finally realize who and what he is.
       Into A World Of Sinners by Ruth Gifford
       Back in the days when the Jedi were a contemplative group, Obi-Wan was studying in the Temple under Mace Windu when a summons came from King Qui-Gon and everything changed....This story is still a work-in-progress, but even unfinished is well worth reading for its brilliant study of Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon in a different time and place.
       The Last Night of the World by Waldo
       This story is at once hot and extremely erotic and romantic, a sweet first time, and yet, and yet...ohh, how bittersweet.


       Cravings/Cravings II by Destina Fortunato
       A "tasty" pair of stories about the boyz and a game they like to play. Quite yummy and should not be read when one is hungry, as it will precipitate a trip to the kitchen.:-)
       Crystalline Flavors by kimberlite
       I never knew rocks could taste so good, but if they're Obi-Wan, they must. Just read it and enjoy.
       Chill Zone/ Chill Zone 2 by Rogue
       Ah, a break from angst and torture. This is just a sweet series of a vacation in a "winter wonderland." It has lots of romantic stuff, lots of fun and (thank the Force) absolutely zero angst.
       Ecstasies and Silk By Writestuff
       Two wonderful extremely hot stories. Both are brain-melting in their intensity.
       tease by elfin
       A short PWP, but oh, my heart, what a hot premise! Ahh, Obi, who would have dreamed that you could be such a tease?
       The Chair by Minuet
       Just a sweet little few moments of meditation for Master Jinn.

Dominant Obi-Wan Stories

       It's not what you say... by Barbana
       Very yummy, sweet story response to the first line challenge: "Obi-Wan no one will believe we're lovers."
       Lessons (Tie me up, tie me down) by Xochiquetzl
       Obi-Wan convinces a reluctant Qui-Gon to try bondage. Boy, does he ever.
       Duplicity's Gift,  Duplicity's Honor, and Duplicity's End by Robin Serrano
       A very hot series of stories that have Obi-Wan "topping from the bottom."
       The Apprentice Master by Lilith Sedai, Lorelei,  Cori Lannam,  and Kate Evans
       Yowsa! If you like SUBMISSIVE!QUI-GON or DOMINANT!OBI-WAN, you will love this story. When Obi-Wan is persuaded to go to the Jedi-only sex club, he meets a beautiful submissive Master. Guess who? Obi-Wan's struggle for mastery of his own Master takes him, Qui-Gon, and us through three nights of passion and exquisite torture. Will Obi-Wan be able to master Qui-Gon? And will he be able to keep Qui-Gon from discovering who exactly is the Padawan who says, "I may be just a Padawan,but my Master has taught me a great deal about control"?
       Battle Lust by Krychick
       A great PWP that has Obi-Wan turning all that youthful energy on Qui-Gon.
       Hand In Glove by Gloriana
       Awesome story that has one of the best Obi-top lines in Q/O: "Now, shut up, lie down, and get hard." *snicker*
       Gardening At Night by torch
       Don't just look at who penetrates whom here; Obi-Wan is definitely in charge.
       Flames by Ruth Gifford
       As everything Ruth does, this is extremely hot and sexy, and quite the Rough!Obi-Wan -- you know, the one that makes me (and Qui) go mindless with lust. Grrrrowl.
       If you know of a good Top!Obi-Wan that I don't have listed, pleeease email me! Even if it's your own story! I might have missed it, or forgotten about it...and that would be just criminal!

Just Really Good Q/O

       Love Song by Obiphil (author's site)
       Sweet, sweet story that made me smile and cry at the same time.
       My Soul's Breath by Rushlight
       *sniff* Oh, this was sooo wonderful and sweet, and tender, and kinda happysad too....
       Symbiosis by Rushlight
       This story is so incredibly hot, and manages to also raise some interesting questions about cloning, and ends *sniff* bittersweetly.
       Sword-Dancing by Qor-Ynn
       A beautiful lyrical story of a first-time and sweet revelations.
       As Young As You Feel by Artemis [not yet archived]
       I like this one for its perspective on Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan. That scene never happened, and they went on to bond as mates. But what happens down the road, when Qui's 80? As she puts it so well, "how's the sex, boys?"
       Out Of Reach by Artemis [not yet archived]
       Oh, no, don't tell me I'm reccing more of Arty's stories! I like this one because Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan are pulled together, against all odds, to be together. Just wow sex, and incredible angst doesn't hurt my enjoyment either, as well as a *quite* interesting finishing touch.

Zine Recs

       Nanshoku by M. Fae Glasgow
       Absolutely loved this zine. It's a must for all Q/O lovers:-).

Velvet Goldmine Slash Recs

       Arthur Gets A Boyfriend by oddjob103
       Curt/Arthur forever! Yay!
       Danger, Little Stranger by Lilith Sedai and Cori Lannam
       Very yummy crossover with Star Wars! Qui-Gon AND Obi-Wan get Curt. And then...ahhh, just go read it.
       The Instamatics Series by Alex (and occasional guest appearances by kimberlite)
       Everything in this series (inspired by Pumpkin's Snapshots) is great. All are must-reads.
       ALLO, Darling! by Alex
       Amusing, fun, and cuddly "crossover" with A Life Less Ordinary.


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