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Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan Fanfiction
Title: Apprentice to Journeyman
Author(s): Susan Smithson
Date(s): 21 November 1999
Length: 50.894 words / 303k
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
External Links: Apprentice to Journeyman(Master and Apprentice)
Apprentice to Journeyman (AO3)

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Apprentice to Journeyman is a Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan slash story by Susan Smithson.

Summary: What is it, really, to live and grow as a Jedi? What is it, really, to learn over the course of years what love is?

The story was listed in the rec category BIG Stories at Mac & Anna's Place.

Reviews and Recommendations

A long, luxurious read that takes you along with Obi-Wan as he grows from child to man, from naïveté to love. Detailed beautifully, I found myself greatly enjoying the journey, feeling everything that Obi felt. Lovely.[1]
Obi-Wan's journey from just after puberty to adulthood.

This is such a fascinating, unique story in this fandom. Most Star Wars prequel fics seem to focus entirely on Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon's relationship, romantic or otherwise, or on a specific adventure and very few of them stretch over a significant period of time. This fic, by contrast, spans a decade and is focused on Obi-Wan's personal growth and maturity, from a child who thinks he is a man, to a man who truly is an adult.

The characterizations are fantastic, as is the action. What I really liked most, however, is the way that Obi-Wan learns that love does not equal sex, and vice-versa. It's a subtle lesson that is rarely seen in fic, but an important one that really makes this story work. Combined with Obi-Wan's gradually increasing confidence and maturity and Qui-Gon's steadfast and heartfelt guidance, you have an intriguing and ever evolving relationship.

I will say that the latter half of the story is weighed down by two overly long sex scenes (which, of course, could be a bonus for some folks, but which didn't work for me), but overall the story is a potent, highly satisfying one for anyone interested in a serious look at what love means and whether or not a true, healthy relationship can develop between a teacher and a student.[2]
I haven't been this impressed by a story in quite some time, and given the quality of fic in this fandom, that's saying a great deal. Beautifully written, mature and lyrical, and full of impressive characterization, this fic follows the development of the relationship between Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan over the years, as their roles change and evolve. This fic has remarkable depth, and is a long, involving read. Truly, not to be missed.[3]
When Susan posted this story, I felt like I was finally reading the story I'd been waiting for since the fandom began. It's very long, luxuriously slow and sweet as she takes us through Obi-Wan's growing years, Qui-Gon's teaching of him, and the delicious development of their love, all in a context of Jedi life and learning that feels as authentic as anything I've seen in the fandom.[4]
It's long. It's long, and good throughout, and really, what more can one ask? This fic isn't afraid to take things slowly. So often, stories are in a hurry to get to the good bits, and end up feeling rushed; this one shows a relationship as it grows and matures, until the conclusion feels natural and right. Getting there is half the fun, and Susan Smithson proves it. Slash.[5]
I meant to rec this as soon as I read it, but I'm the worst procrastinator. It's been rec'd everywhere else already, but I will too, because it's an instant classic, a must-read for TPM. Luxurious, long and thorough, with the most wonderful characterisation of Qui-Gon I've ever read. In this story he's the perfect Jedi Master, with all that entails, but also so very human - kind, wise, and powerful. I was enchanted. I can't wait until she writes more.[6]
Long, slow, almost luxurious retelling of Obi-wan's maturation, Apprentice to Journey is an already oft-told tale, but told right, with a compelling plot, rich characterization of Obi-wan, and an enormously satisfying resolution. By Susan Smithson.[7]
apprentice to journeyman, by susan smithson. qui/obi, nc-17, sw:tpm. a novel-length, pretty, contemplative, mildly angsty first-time piece about falling out of infatuation and into love. very long, very growth-oriented, a little top-heavy (that is, if the "top" is the ending). not flawless, but enjoyable and meaty.[8]
You can settle in for a long, wonderful read with this story, as it follows Obi's path in growing up. Her Qui-Gon is brilliantly done - I fell for him all over again.[9]
So, yeah, a few other people have recced this particular story, but darn deserves to be recced... TPM - Susan Smithson's Apprentice to Journeyman wherein you get to see the Master/Apprentice relationship with all the judgement, maturity and respect for the relationship and the people involved -- as well as love as it should be between two individuals. I adore her Qui-Gon and watching Obi-Wan grow up is sheer pleasure. 1/23/2000[10]
Long Stories: Apprentice to Journeyman by Susan Smithson. A long story, but well worth reading. The story of Obi-Wan as he grows and changes, to finally realize who and what he is.[11]


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