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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Nynaeve's Rosetta Stone
Author: Nynaeve
Dates: 29 August 2000 - present
Fandom: Highlander, The Sentinel, The X-Files, Star Wars, BtVS, AtS, Batman
URL: https://www.squidge.org/nynaeve/index.html
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Nynaeve's Rosetta Stone is a fan page with slash fanfiction, recommendations and links. The site is hosted by Squidge.org.


Sentinel Fic

An Eight Hour Epiphany. Jim's in a crabby mood on Valentine's Day and not sure why. Then he starts getting mysterious deliveries at work. And by the way, where is that Guide of his? (First times, slash, R) Posted February 21, 2001.

Dining Out. A bitty little piece about Jim, Blair, Jim's libido and restaurant disasters-in-the-making. Written as an Obsenad on the senad list. (pre-slash, PG) Posted February 22, 2001.

No Robots Allowed. Blair thinks his life bears a frightening resemblance to a Buffy episode. Jim thinks Blair needs to stop thinking so much. (Slash, PG-15) Posted March 31, 2001

Highlander Fic

Biting Dust. Methos is feeling down and out in New York when he runs into a relative of a friend of his. My attempt at reconciling the HL movies and TV series. Written for the Millenium Lyric Wheel, posted September 2, 2000.

Some Say It's Better. Being 17 and an orphan is tough. Richie finds solace in taking care of his best friend Virgil and planning for their futures. The boys cling to each other and dream of one day escaping their rough lives in Seacouver. Unfortunately, things don't always go as planned. *Warning* Contains adult themes. Please read the story notes carefully! (R) Written for the Halloween Lyric Wheel. Posted March 3, 2001.

Universal Wolf. A little psychological look into what happens when a hunger for knowledge and power meets immortality. Methos meets a dangerous new Watcher. Written for the Quickening Lyric Wheel. (R) Posted here June 4, 2001; posted to the Wheel forum May 26, 2001.


Finally Pressed: A Quieter Version of Seattle. Methos relocates to Cascade to take up a new identity. Cascade is a nice, safe place for an immortal to settle, right? Maybe he should have asked Jim and Blair about that before moving in... (HL/TS PG-13 for language and non-graphic discussion of m/m relationship). Written for the Crossover Lyric Wheel, posted June 20, 2000

Crab Puffs Never Lie. Stand-along sequel to Finally Pressed. Methos has disappeared and Jim and Blair don't know what to make of it. Maybe that handsome new Professor knows something? Features my OMC Gabriel Principe. (HL/TS rated R for mild slash). Written for the Watcher Lyric Wheel Challenge, posted August 20, 2000. (side note: This isn't my favorite story, but I had so much fun creating Gabe and writing some of the humor scenes that I posted it anyway.)