All Jewels Have Flaws

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Recommendation Website
Name: All Jewels Have Flaws
Reccer(s): Sandy Herrold
Dates: 1998-2002 (last update)
Fandom: multifandom
All Jewels Have Flaws.jpg

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All Jewels Have Flaws... or... Net.Bitch does Fic Recs is Sandy Herrold's recommendation site.

Explaining her reccing style: "If you've just found this page: I'm both bitchy and neurotic (yeah, and...?) and this really shows when I try to recommend stories -- I love helping people find new authors and stories, but I hate to have a friend come back with something like, 'You liked *that*?!' So if I've got a caveat, I'm gonna share. Don't like my style? Go see other people's rec pages."[1]

The site is a member of the Slash Recommendations webring and links to many other recommendation sites.

All Jewels Have Flaws was the gateway to slash fandom for many fans who found slash on the internet. Getting recced there meant to become part of the canon of works of online media fandom. As cesperanza says: "I remember racing to All Jewels Have Flaws to see if omg she maybe liked something I wrote: that was THE rec list to be on as far as I was concerned."[2]

Incidentally, All Jewels Have Flaws was one of the first (maybe even *the* first) major recommendation site that included popslash recs,[3] even though RPS was still taboo in most parts of media fandom at the time.


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