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Name: Slash Recommendations
Date Founded: 15 January 2000
Fandom: multifandom
Focus: slash recs
URL: Slash Recommendations (Wayback, 05/2002)
Slash Recommendations (Wayback, 11/2002)

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Slash Recommendations is a slash recommendation webring.

If you recommend slash fan fiction on your website you're free to join this webring. Any and all fandoms are welcome, especially the rare ones. Zines rec pages are also welcome. Please note that your website must have slash *recommendations*. If your website only has slash fan fiction it will be denied.[1]

The webring was owned by the Pavilion Fanfiction rec site[2] and had 72 active member sites as of November 22, 2002.[1]

Member Sites

Unless noted otherwise, all summaries are by the website owners who added their pages to the webring.

  • The Bard's Den. Rushlight's m/m slash fanfiction. Present fandoms include Due South, The Sentinel, Star Wars:TPM, VampChron, and The X-Files. Stories range in rating from G to NC-17. Also includes multifandom slash recs.
more recent logo
webring logo circa 2002
  • The Chamberpot. The pot houses two authors (one gen and one writes whatever the hell she can come up with). Pop over to Danvers in the pot where you will find recs for gen as well as slash fanfiction. Drop by, dip in and sample the pot...
  • Cori Lannam's Mild-Mannered Recommendations Page. "This is the part of my site where I tell you what stories I like that I didn't write. My tastes vary according to my mood--slash, het, gen, angst, humor, I like it all. Stories win points with me for strong characterization, plot and dialogue, but things that make me quiver and squirm will also show up on this page, regardless of the former qualities (or lack thereof). I hope you find something you like here, and if you don't, there's a webring at the bottom of the page with links to plenty of other rec sites run by people with better taste than me. Enjoy!"[3]
  • Eppy's Space. A place to hold my slash and femslash fanfiction. There's also a multi-fandom recs and links section. Fandoms include Harry Potter, Animorphs, Everworld, Harry Potter, Smallville, X-files, and Weiss Kreuz.
  • Fanon Blues. Fanfiction recommendations from series such as Smallville, Harry Potter, and BtVS.
  • Fiat Lux. Louise Lux's slash recs,links and fanfic for Harry Potter and X-files fandoms, and now some Rare Slash recs. Updated regularly.
  • Gundam Wing yaoi (slash) fanfic recs by Nitid, Sonny, and Genki. Focus is on 1x2x1, multiparters, citrus. Organized by plot/theme. Fanart recs soon to come!
  • Highlander Central. Where Highlander authors can self recommend their best stories/writing and list their sites, and where readers can recommend their favourite stories, using quotes to support their recs
  • It's About Friendship...and Sometimes More. A fan fic site with both gen and slash stories based on The Sentinel, Due South, and Emergency! The site also has a recommended reading page with the site owner's favorite stories.
  • It Takes All Kinds. Slash fan fiction from Kylara Ingress & J.D. Rush; Quantum Leap, Lone Gunmen, Sports Night, & Babylon 5. Links, rants, recommendations, and quotes included.
  • Ivanova's Recs. Multi-fandom fanfic recs, mostly femslash. ER, Buffy/ Angel, Voyager, Babylon 5, at DykesVision, the site about serial sapphics. There's a small archive with my favorite stories, too. Plus a German translation of "A Queer Little Fairytale" by Lise Williams.
  • The Jan and June Slash Log. Story recommendations, rants, and reflections by Jan and June, two slash fans. Our primary fandoms of interest are TPM, XF, Sentinel, and Voyager, but we read lots of others, too.
  • KatLyn's Slash Fiction. Slash fiction archive with many recommendations for various fandoms, including X-Files, Xena, and Original works.
  • Kez'Fanfic Recs. Fanfic recommentdations in several fandoms, including Star Trek, Stargate, Buffy ad more.
  • Lady Sorka's Fan Fiction Recommendations. The rec subset of my personal homepage. Currently includes large Gundam Wing, Digimon, and Sentinel sections, with a seperate page for misc. fandoms. Also includes a very, very small gen recs section, and quotes taken from various fanfics.
  • ..::LUNA::....::Fanfiction, Fanart, Webrings and Links about Final Fantasy, Trigun, Gundam Wing, Dragon Ball Z and original Yaoi & Yuri::..
  • Luthien's Slash Fiction. Hercules and Xena slash recs, together with miscellaneous slash recs for a variety of mostly smaller/rarer fandoms.
  • The Master's Domain. My personal fiction and slash,challenges for when the muse ain't talkin' and rec's for when you just want something good to read.
  • Maygra's Musings. Gen & Adult oriented fanfic and artwork in multiple fandoms (although primarily HL), hosted authors, crossovers, collaborations, and original fic.
  • Mel Blue Slash Fiction. Slash stories written by Mel Blue. Fandoms: Star Trek Voyager, Narnia, Original. Also recommendations in many fandoms.
  • Mindwalker's Refuge. On my site you can find galleries of my favorit actresses, recommended fanfic, and "The Bard of the Month" - Interviews with my favorit authors. Xena, Uber, Angel (Faith/Kate), Voyager (Janeway/7of9), X-Files (Scully/Reyes)
  • Mosca's Recs. Short reviews of the best fanfic stories I've ever read. Star Trek (TNG and DS9), Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and many other fandoms.
  • Northern Veil. A recs site for Northern's personal favourites in slash. Fandoms include Angel, Buffy, due South, Highlander, RPS, Smallville and X-files.
  • Predatrix's Recs and Rants Page. Recs for both net and printzine slash. Tend to prefer well-written and sexually-explicit slash. A few rants about Really Bad Fic, although I concentrate on recommendations. More reviews will be along soon. My writing fandoms are HP and B7, but I read in other fandoms as well.
  • Recommendations. Story recommendations for Sports Night, X-Files, and miscellaneous fandoms. Includes het and gen recs as well as slash.
  • Red Ships and Green Ships. Hello and welcome to the home of the wolf pack - where we worship all things due South and Hard Core Logo. Here you'll find poetry, stories, graphic art and recommendations. Most of the fiction here is slash (of all ratings), with the rare general and adult story. So kick off your shoes, relax and stay a bit. Take special care now.
  • Rispa Recommends. I am a slasher, and appreciate some sometimes unorthodox (and brilliant) slash at that, from the cheesy, to the pornographic, to the positively sublime. And rareslash, or slash for hard-to-find fandoms, is a particular treat. Many of these authors and/or stories deserve recognition and some free publicity.
  • Roo's Writings. Some slash stories as well as multi-fandom recs, including a few rare fandoms.
  • rosa's recs. Eclectic fan fiction recommendations. Mostly slash.
  • Satisfying Delusions. Emily's homepage. As of now it only has Smallville recs but soon recs for The Sentinel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer will be up. Also has het West Wing fanfiction archives.
  • The Sentinel: A Spiritual Love. A Sentinel page for Jim and Blair's relationship as seen as deep friendship or true love but always as soulmates. Contains a gallery, fanfic list, wallpapers, other couples, profiles and much more.
  • Slash Slut's Recs Archive. Fanfic recs for a variety of fandoms including: X-files, Sentinel, OAT, Due South, Stargate, Highlander, and miscellaneous others. Plus, a multifandom slash recs board where you can post your own recs. And much more.
  • Starkiller's Slash Recommendations. Slash fiction recommendations that are personal favourites of the web mistress. Fandoms: Harry Potter, Babylon 5, Blakes 7, Phantom Menace, Dogma, Due South, Angel, Buffy.
  • Tee Hee, I've got Asbestos undies, me. Tritorella is a loud-mouthed cow with strong opinions. She reads fanfiction and tells people what she thinks. Wanna read my thoughts about Highlander, Sentinel, Anime and other fan stories? This is the place
  • The TOS Twins. Fanfiction (mostly Star Trek) in English and German by Lady Charena and T'Len. a lot of Links and Zine-Recommendations.
  • Witchling's. Rants, recommendations, slash and otherwise. Fanfic eventually. Multifandom.
  • Zippos and Safety Pins. Personal fanfic site with a separate recommendations section, for fic (slash and gen), music, and anything else that catches my fancy. Recs updated every couple of months.


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