Predatrix's Recs and Rants Page

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Name: Predatrix's Recs and Rants Page
Reccer(s): Predatrix
Focus: net and printzine slash
Fandom: multifandom
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Predatrix's Recs and Rants Page is a recommendation page with recs for both net and printzine slash with a "few rants about Really Bad Fic, although I concentrate on recommendations."
The Fandoms
B7: Less than 7 against the Most Irritating Computer in the Universe. Oh, and the Federation
DS: Repressed Mountie cautiously courts Chicago flatfoot with experimental hair
DRW: Worlds enough and time. Can they forget about the Universe for long enough to get together?
DP: Flyboy with attitude's affair with Rommel's camp peach of a brother.
Eroica: Epicene aristocrat seeks irritably beautiful German military man for art theft and spying
HW: Genius shown how to detect love on own doorstep by brighter-than-he-looks doctor
HP: Sod Voldemort--what we want to know is who's going to shag the Potions master!
LOTR: Elf and Dwarf gaze tormentedly, while hobbits have four-in-a-bed romp and picnic
Pros: Those tough macho types must be hiding something. Who let those elves in here?
SV: Sexy Lexy and the Farmboy in haystack or boardroom
TOS: Spock is caught short at the sharp end of his biological cycle. Who will help?
TNG: A super-powerful entity tries to get inside the Captain's starchy trousers
DS9: Scaly devious alien flirts over lunch with handsome bright genetically-modified doctor
TPM: Mystic Master plots how to get clueless Apprentice out of robes and stupid pigtail.
TS: Academic hippie seeks uptight cop for crimefighting, sex, and hair-shedding in bath
XF: Bald sex-symbol and one-armed bandit compete to bend Mulder over his desk.
The page is a member of the Slash Recommendations webring.[1]


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