The FanFic Review Boards

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Name: The FanFic Review Boards
Dates: 2000-2001 (Wayback date)
Type: reviews
Fandom: Multifandom
URL: (Wayback)
FanFic Reviews.png
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The FanFic Review Boards was a site for gen, het and slash fanfiction reviews.
Here you will find three boards for the posting of reviews of fanfic from any fandom. You may post a review, or reply to a review. You are asked NOT to challenge a reviewer's basic RIGHT to review. Any postings that fall into this category will be summarily deleted.
To review a story, simply post a note to the appropriate board with your comments. These can range from a full writer's critique to a review more geared towards helping the reader decide whether or not they wish to read the story. One-liners are discouraged, since they convey little helpful information.
For discussions of fanfic in general (ie not about a specific story), visit Cereta's Web Forum
The page was a FCA member site and a member of the Slash Recommendations webring.