Himeko Himura's Fantasy World

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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Himeko Himura's Fantasy World
Author: Himeko Himura
Dates: 2004 or before - 2005 (last update)
Fandom: The Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter,W-inds, KAT-TUN, Tenimyu, anime
URL: http://www.oocities.org/himekohimura/indexx.htm (wayback link)
Himeko Himura's Fantasy World-Crossroads.png
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Himeko Himura's Fantasy World is Himeko Himura's fansite with fanfiction and recommendations. It was hosted by GeoCities and last updated in 2005.

The page was a member of the Aragorn/Legolas Slash Ring, Bishonen WebRing, Harry Potter Slash webring, The Lord of the Slash Ring and the Slash Recommendations webring.[1]


Welcome to my anything goes rec page! Here you will find yaoi recs, slash recs and even (oh no!) het recs! Why het recs? Well, because I wasn't always a Yaoi girl or a slash girl. ^.^ I hope that you will enjoy your stay here. Recommendations are sorted by pairing. All recommendations are linked off-site. Sorry for the inconvenience. Stories are sorted by date in which they are added; newest to oldest. The overall best stories are bolded.

The page features recs for Harry Potter (Harry/Draco, Harry/Severus), Lord Of The Rings (Frodo/Sam, Haldir, Legolas/Aragorn, Merry/Pippin), Pirates Of The Caribbean (Jack/Will), Star Wars (Obi/Qui)

Boy Bands: *Nsync & Backstreet Boys, Misc.

Anime recommendations: Card Captor Sakura (Touya/Yukito), Dragonball/Z/GT (Trunks/Goten, Goku/Vegeta), Final Fantasy VIII, Flame of Recca (Tokiya/Kaoru), Fushigi Yuugi, Gundam Wing (Heero/Duo), Inu-Yasha, Prince of Tennis (Tezuka/Fuji, Oishi/Eiji, Kaidou/Inui, Momo/Ryoma, Kaidou/Momo, Fujicest, Atobe/Tezuka, Misc), Naruto (Kakashi/Iruka, Sasuke/Naruto), Sailor Moon (Misc HET!, Usagi/Mamoru HET!), Shaman King (Hao/Yoh), Yu Yu Hakusho (Kurama/Hiei), others



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