Worlds Without Boundaries

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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Worlds Without Boundaries
Author: Destina Fortunato
Dates: 1999-11 June 2008 (last update)
Fandom: Stargate SG-1, Star Wars TPM, Supernatural, The Sentinel, misc
Worlds Without Boundaries.png
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Worlds Without Boundaries is Destina Fortunato's fanfiction and recommendation site. The site also features a Stargate Fanon vs. Canon Primer and a rant page.

Description from Chelle's Nightstand:

This is the home of Destina Fortunato. Destina started writing slash with TPM, but she has branched out considerably. You'll find Sentinel, Highlander, Stargate, and Angel as well.[1]


Supernatural, Stargate SG-1, Sentinel and Star Wars TPM have their own fanfiction page.

The multifandom fanfic page The Body Eclectic features stories from many fandoms, including: Brokeback Mountain, Rome, Batman Begins, Smallville, Deadwood, Tigerland, Alexander (Fire From Heaven), due South, Lord of the Rings, Hornblower, Master and Commander, ER, Queer As Folk (US/NA), Hard Core Logo, X-Files, Angel, The Matrix, Highlander, Gladiator, Homicide, Farscape, and OZ.


Slash Story Recommendations.png

The Fan Fiction Recommendations page is a member of the Slash Recommendations webring.

Recommendations are sorted by Supernatural, Stargate SG-1, Sentinel and Star Wars/Phantom Menace, which each have their own rec page. Smallville recs and Lord of the Rings recs are on the same page.

The multifandom recs page features due South, HCL, X-Files, Highlander, UNCLE, Batman, Star Trek and other recs.

The last update was in 2007 (Supernatural).



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