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Recommendation Website
Name: JR's Parlor
Reccer(s): JR
Dates: 1999 or before[1] - 24 September 2005 (last recs update)
Fandom: AtS, BtVS, Battlestar Galactica (classic and new series), Comics, Due South, Harry Potter, Highlander, JAG, Once a Thief, Roswell, The Sentinel, Smallville, Star Trek Voyager, Stargate SG-1, SW:TPM, The West Wing, The X-Files
URL: http://www.angelfire.com/de/theparlor/rex.html (Recs)
http://www.angelfire.com/de/theparlor/index2.html (main site)
JR's Palor-Recs.png

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JR's Parlor is a multifandom recommendation site and JR's author site. The hosted fanfic includes Buffy, Sentinel and a few miscellaneous fandoms. However, the main part of JR's Parlor is the recommendation site.

The rec site has ten pages, each page focuses on one or a few fandoms. JR's Recommendation Guidelines explain preferences and dislikes so that readers know what to expect.

  • Page 1: Buffy - Willow/Angel, Buffy Slash, Angel: The Series, BtVS - Graham stories, Roswell
  • Page 2: Due South, Highlander, Sentinel
  • Page 3: JAG, The West Wing, Once a Thief, X-Files
  • Page 4: Battlestar Galactica, Stargate SG-1, SW:Phantom Menace
  • Page 5: Comics
  • Page 6: Voyager - Chakotay/Paris, Paris/Kim, Janeway/Paris, Paris/Seven of Nine, Enterprise
  • Page 7: Crossovers
  • Page 8: Miscellaneous
  • Page 9: Smallville
  • Page 10: Harry Potter - Gen/Het, Harry Potter - Slash

JR's Parlor is a member of the Ring of Unconventional BtVS Relationships, the Lore of the Slayer webring, the Sentinel Slash Webring, and the Slash Recommendations webring.


  1. JR's Parlor via Wayback. The Sentinel story page was updated July 7, 1999, and the rec page was updated August 9, 1999. (Accessed 02 October 2011)