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Pairing: Willow Rosenberg/Angel
Alternative name(s): W/A
Gender category: Het
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Canonical?: No
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Willow/Angel is the pairing of Willow Rosenberg and Angel in the Buffy fandom


Willow and Angel meet in season 1, when Angel begins dating Willow's best friend Buffy Summers. Their interactions are limited. When Angel loses his soul, Angelus torments Buffy and all of her friends. He kills Willow's fish. It is Willow who restores Angelus' soul. When Angel moves to L.A., he remains in contact with Willow and often turns to her when he needs magical help.


Common Tropes & Storylines

  • Willow/Angelus- Angelus' unhealthy obsession with Willow is often expanded on in fanfiction. He views hurting Willow or turning her into a vampire as the ultimate way to hurt the Slayer. This obsession often leads to Angelus wanting Willow to join his immortal family.
  • Vampire!Willow - In fics where Willow has been turned into a vampire, her friends often contact Angel for help.
  • Resouled Angel- Willow is often paired with a newly resouled Angel in works set at the start of season 3. Willow may discover Angel after he has been returned from hell or she may bring him back. In other works, Angelus' obsession may cause Angel to view Willow in a new way. In a small number of fics, they are bound by magic as a result of the resouling spell.
  • Angel calling Willow to help him with a case in L.A. is a common storyline with a basis in canon.
  • Magic Gone Awry - Willow's spells rarely go the way she plans.
  • Post canon fics often see the two bonding over their similarities as they both have a dark side, and feel guilt for their previous actions.
  • The threesome pairing of Angel/Spike/Willow also appears in works.

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