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Pairing: Spike/Willow Rosenberg
Alternative name(s): W/S, Spillow
Gender category: M/F, Het
Fandom: Buffyverse
Canonical?: No
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Willow/Spike is the pairing of Willow Rosenberg and Spike from the Buffyverse.



Common Tropes & Storylines

  • Kidnapping - A popular storyline involves Spike kidnapping Willow in order to get her to perform a spell. This storyline appeared in canon and is very popular in fanworks. Season 2 works, set when Spike was evil and Willow is not yet a witch, often depict Willow been kidnapped by either Angelus or Drusilla. Spike is evil but incapacitated and decides not to kill her. These fics can be dark with dub-con, non-con and torture, but Spike often protects Willow from the more evil Angelus and the less stable Drusilla.
  • Magic gone awry is common due to Willow been a witch in canon. These works can involve Time Travel, restoring Spike's soul with unintended side effects, AUs set during Willow's my will be done spell, memory loss or magical bonding.
  • Vampire Willow - Willow is turned into a vampire and Spike acts as her mentor. The Wishverse version of Vamp!Willow rarely appears in W/S works.
  • Season 4 - Works set in season 4 sometimes picked up immediately following Spike's failed attempt to bite Willow. Other authors used the concept of Willow babysitting a chipped Spike as their jumping off point.


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