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Pairing: Spike/Willow Rosenberg
Alternative name(s): W/S, Spillow
Gender category: M/F, Het
Fandom: Buffyverse
Canonical?: No
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Willow/Spike is the pairing of Willow Rosenberg and Spike from the Buffyverse.


Spike and Willow's interactions in early seasons were mostly antagonistc. Spike kidnapped Willow in Season 3, in an attempt to force her to perform a love spell for him. In season 4, Spike attempts to bite Willow but fails due to a newly implanted behaviour modification chip which prevent Spike harming humans. The aftermath of this scene was played for laughs, with Willow attempting to comfort a Spike who is distraught by his failure to perform.


Common Tropes & Storylines

  • Kidnapping - A popular storyline involves Spike kidnapping Willow in order to get her to perform a spell. This storyline appeared in canon and is very popular in fanworks. Season 2 works, set when Spike was evil and Willow is not yet a witch, often depict Willow been kidnapped by either Angelus or Drusilla. Spike is evil but incapacitated and decides not to kill her. These fics can be dark with dub-con, non-con and torture, but Spike often protects Willow from the more evil Angelus and the less stable Drusilla.
  • Magic gone awry is common due to Willow been a witch in canon. These works can involve Time Travel, restoring Spike's soul with unintended side effects, AUs set during Willow's my will be done spell, memory loss or magical bonding.
  • Vampire Willow - Willow is turned into a vampire and Spike acts as her mentor. The Wishverse version of Vamp!Willow rarely appears in W/S works.
  • Season 4 - Works set in season 4 sometimes picked up immediately following Spike's failed attempt to bite Willow. Other authors used the concept of Willow babysitting a chipped Spike as their jumping off point.

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