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AR: Attempted Rape. Spike's assault on Buffy in 6.19, Seeing Red, and the cause of many vast and seething flamewars. See Buffy/Spike.

Asylumverse: an alternate universe created in the sixth season episode "Normal Again" in which Buffy hallucinates that she's been in an insane asylum for the past six years. The premise is that everything since becoming the Slayer was never real. AKA "Normalverse."

Aus: Angelus. Used in fic headers as part of a pairing abbreviation, i.e., B/Aus for Buffy/Angelus.

Big Bad

The Bronze Posting Board

Cold Dead Seed:

Curse, What Curse?

Fang Gang: Angel's team in LA (see also MoG)

Fanged Four: Angelus, Spike (William the Bloody), Darla, and Drusilla.

Jossed: To have one's fanfic rendered inaccurate by future canon developments.

Little Bad: A term coined by the Spoiler Slayer website to refer to certain characters in Buffy the Vampire Slayer who are introduced as main villains before being replaced by the Big Bad later in the season.[1] It is not in particularly common usage, especially when compared to Big Bad.

ME: Mutant Enemy, Joss Whedon's production company.

MoG: Angel's team. From Shakespeare: "Angels and ministers of grace defend us!" (Hamlet, 1.4). Coined by TWoP's Strega in her recap of AtS 2.01, Judgment.[2]

MOTW: Monster of the Week.

Scooby Gang Buffy and her friends (individual memers of the team are referred to as Scoobies)


Slayage (journal)


Wishverse: an alternate universe created in the third season episode "The Wish" (3.09) in which most of the main characters die or become vampires. Answers the question what would happen if Buffy Summers never came to Sunnydale?. Fans liked the answer: Willow Rosenberg dresses in leather! "Wishverse" is a term used by fans, not by the show. See also Verse, Mirror Universe, and Fan Service.


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