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Name: gabrielleabelle
Type: Fan writer of meta and fic. She often used fan surveys in her meta posts.
Fandoms: Buffyverse, ST:TNG, Xena
URL: Livejournal
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Best known for her Buffyverse meta, especially the weekly episode polls, feminist filter (series of feminist critiques of Buffy), and Whose Show Is It Anyway (data about the screentime/dialogue of each character) posts.

She closed her journal and left fandom in 2012 [1]


Example Metas

For a more complete listing of gabrielleabelle's meta essays, see: Meta Master List (archive link)

A character meta on Buffy Summers. gabrielleabelle describes it as: "This is my absolute favorite entry I've ever done. It's my dedication to Buffy, the character. Even better, it's in her own words."[2]

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