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Newsletter Community
Name: metafandom
Date(s): 23 January 2005 (account created) - 3 June 2011 (last post)
Moderator: acari, Amireal, Fabu, fairestcat, inalasahl, isiscolo, lovelokest, Oulangi, p_zeitgeist
Founder: lim
Fandom: multifandom panfandom metafandom
URL: metafandom's delicious account,
newsletter on livejournal,
Dreamwidth mirror,
InsaneJournal mirror

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metafandom default icon, image shows the Enterprise from Star Trek: TOS

Metafandom is a newsletter community on LiveJournal. It was founded in January 2005 by lim, Cathexys, Fabu and Makesmewannadie. The idea came from a conversation with Sophia Jirafe, on her post The Waning of Ambivalence, during which she said:

-- wouldn't it be great if there was a fandom newsletter that just linked to *everything* interesting? It wouldn't have to point and laugh, or even comment at all, just list the hot spots people are gathering in. With the terrible dispersion that LJ has afflicted upon fandom (I couldn't possibly friend everyone who's interesting on, so I rely upon links to find out what's going on), such a newsletter would be invaluable.[1]

The name "metafandom" was originally meant to suggest "beyond individual fandoms and about fandom itself", but this meaning is largely ignored by the members of the community, who prefer to it to mean "fandom meta", leading to an endless[2][3] circular argument about the inclusion of content that is not "meta".

Metafandom eventually completely replaced Metablog, an earlier community designed to link to posts of general fannish interest.

Having a post linked on Metafandom could be both a blessing and a curse. Depending on the topic and fan temperament, having someone preface a comment on a post to your journal with here from metafandom could be welcome, or not.


  • The mods have changed over the years, and the community later cross-posted to Dreamwidth and used Delicious and an automated bot to simplify the posting.
  • By 2010, the community includes a lot of links to content that is more about social justice than fandom, or about intersections between fandom and privilege. This has caused some debate, and also indirectly led to the creation of Linkspam on Dreamwidth.
  • As of late 2010/early 2011, the newsletter version of metafandom on the various journal platforms is not being published as often. However, metafandom editors continue to collect links in the metafandom delicious account (which includes the link to and snippet from each relevant post). Thus, the delicious account can be used not only as a way to find archived metafandom links, but also as an inbetween-newsletter-issues source for (to be) metafandom-ed links.
  • The last post was in June 2011. (Note that Delicious was relaunched in September 2011, breaking functionality many newsletter communities had relied on to make posting links from delicious easier. If metafandom had still had plans to continue, this would have torpedoed their plans.) In 2013 the newsletter Metanews was started by other fans to fill the hole Metafandom left.
  • In 2017, the LJ community was imported to Dreamwidth as a backup. [4]

As of 2017, the livejournal community has 1,121 posts; 4,223 comments; 2,104 members; and 3,788 watchers.[5]


Some fans complained that after being mentioned in a metafandom post they received unwanted and negative attention. One of the list moderators wrote:
"In terms of what we all post in our own journals, I recognize that sometimes when we post, we assume a certain readership (our flists), and that when people who don't know us read something out of the context of all our past posts, they may misinterpret it and jump to false conclusions about us and our beliefs. This is the risk we take whenever we make public posts, and believe me, I know how frustrating it is, it's happened to me more than once. But I also believe strongly in linking to interesting and thought provoking content on lj (hence my many rec/link posts) because it keeps the conversation going and adds new voices, and yes, draws attention to folks who are posting clever and thoughtful analysis (just as I want to draw attention to the writers who post good fic, I want to increase the readership of folks who post good meta). I know that there have been a few incidents where people have felt attacked by one or more commenters who came via metafandom, and I'm sorry that that's happened - of course we can't always agree, but I wish that we could all discuss things in a civil manner without resorting to personal attacks. But I assure you that it is never our intent at metafandom to cause trouble."[6]
""I'm here from Metafandom" is the shark jump of livejournal."[7]

Further Reading


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