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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Mac & Anna's Place
Author: Mac & Anna Vie
Dates: 1999 - 2009 (?)
Fandom: Star Wars TPM, Misc fandoms
URL: (Wayback) (Wayback)
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Mac & Anna's Place is a website with mostly Mac's slash fanfiction, some of the hosted stories are by Anna. The site also has a section for Mac's art, recs, a page for slash in fandoms other than TPM and an extensive TPM links page. It later changed name to The Alternative and moved to SlashCity where it was still active in 2009.

The site was a member of The Phantom Menace Fanfiction Webring.[1]



Blood Fever

August 1999 Mac NC17 General Slash Complete
Qui-Gon is affected by a breeding imperative and Obi-Wan is the only one who can help him (a salute to the old Star Trek Pon Farr episodes)

A Kind of Genesis Part 1: Qui-Gon

August 1999 Anna NC17 Dark Angst, contains rape Complete
Qui-Gon is captured and tortured by Xanatos.

A Kind of Genesis Pt 2: Obi-Wan

August 1999 Anna NC17 Dark Angst, contains rape Complete
Sequel to the above, as Qui-Gon is forced to attack Obi-Wan.

The Argument

September 1999 Mac NC17 PWP Complete
Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan have an argument that leads to a very warm reconciliation.


September 1999 Mac NC17 Angst Complete
After Obi-Wan lets slip something personal, Xanatos catches him at a down moment and poisons him. Angst ensues.


October 1999 Anna NC17 PWP - contains rape Complete
A missed opportunity for Xanatos to have his nasty, villainous way with Obi-Wan in EXPLORATIONS.

Claiming the Master

October 1999 Mac NC17 Slavefic Complete
Qui-Gon is enslaved and Obi-Wan must pretend to be his mate to rescue him

In Theory

October 1999 Mac R Misc. Slash Complete
Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan discuss the ramifications of sexual relationships.

Tropical Knights

October 1999 Mac NC17 PWP Complete
A fairly PWP involving swimming, eating and The Usual.


October 1999 Mac NC17 Drama - contains rape Complete
An an alternate universe, Maul survived Naboo and returns for vengeance. Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon are caught up in a journey that will take them to the very depths of darkness.

Symphony - alternate end

October 1999 Mac NC17 Dark PWP Complete
An end I didn't use - the ultimate angst.


October 1999 Mac NC17 PWP Complete
A smut moment. A real PWP. About, well, does a Jedi taste??

How to Seduce a Jedi

October 1999 Mac NC17 PWP Complete
Obi-Wan finds himself wondering about that very thing.

Take Me Anywhere

October 1999 Mac NC17 PWP Complete
A smutty moment, just because I felt like it (and so did Qui-Gon)

A Jedi Craves These Things

October 1999 Mac NC17 PWP Complete
Sort of sequel to the above, with two bored Jedi, an empty Council chambers and a virtual lack of inhibition.

Control & Experiment

November 1999
Parts 1-3
Parts 4-6
Parts 7-10 Mac NC17 Drama Complete
Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon are kidnapped and Obi-Wan is used as an experiment, part of which is to make him sexually fixated on Qui-Gon.


November 1999
Parts 1-3
Parts 4-6
Parts 7-9 Mac NC17 BDSM Complete
Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan separately visit the House of the Rose, an establishment dedicated to bondage and dominance.

Rogue Trader

November 1999
Parts 1-2
Parts 3-4
Parts 5-6 Mac NC17 Drama/Bondage Complete
Years before, Qui-Gon had refused to take Obi-Wan as his Padawan. Now Obi-Wan would make Qui-Gon beg to be taken in a very different way..


November 1999 Mac NC17 Angst, contains rape Complete
After their coming together in "How to Seduce a Jedi", Obi-Wan is captured by a man with a twisted past and a lust for pain.

Another Taste of You

November 1999 Mac NC17 PWP Complete
A curious Obi-Wan finds out something odd about his


November 1999 Mac NC17 Vampire Complete
Obi-Wan is attacked by something dark and nasty - a little Vampiric PWP.

Ring of Love

November 1999 Mac NC17 Kink/PWP Complete
Obi-Wan finds something odd under his Master's bed and decides to do a little experimenting.

Woken by a Kiss

November 1999 Mac G Romance Complete
Written as a Thanksgiving gift, a romantic piece involving a dying Qui-Gon and a grieving Obi-Wan who refused to give in.


November 1999 Mac NC17 Fantasy AU, contains rape & underage In Progress
A Fantasy AU set in a world of mages and Dark evil. Jedimage Qui-Gon saves a young Obi-Wan and takes him as a slave.

Dark Reflection

November 1999 Anna NC17 Dark AU Complete
Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi finds himself facing a dark reflection, a clone of his beloved dead master.

To Tell the Truth

December 1999 Mac NC17 H/C Complete
An unexpected attack leaves Qui-Gon badly hurt. Unashamed hurt/comfort.

Sins of the Flesh

December 1999 Mac NC17 PWP Complete
When two Jedi visit a pleasure planet they find that pleasure often interferes with business.


December 1999 Anna NC17 Drama, non-con. Complete
Obi-Wa's life is in the balance and Xanatos forces Qui-Gon into a very difficult decision


December 1999 Anna NC17 Drama/Angst/ dominance Complete
In a universe where the Sith control the galaxy and the Jedi are a subversive Force, a Master and his Padawan face a time of Trial.

Submission: Padawan's Race

July 2000 Anna NC17 Drama Complete
A small story set in the "Submission" universe as Obi-Wan competes in a race as part of his training.


January 2000 Mac NC17 Drama Complete
An odd tale about two people waking up ill and with no memory.

The Dying of the Light

A Meeting on Naboo
The Revelation
Return to the Beginning
End Run
Fate of a Jedi
Betrayals of Trust
January-April 2000 Mac NC17 Drama/Angst Complete
Years after Qui-Gon's death, as Anakin prepares to marry Amidala, Obi-Wan makes a starting discovery on Naboo.

The Possibility of Being

January 2000 Mac NC17 AU Slavefic Complete
An AU where Ambassador Qui-Gon is presented with a young bedslave named Obi-Wan.


January 2000 Mac NC17 Dark AU Complete?
An AU where Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan are Sith.

By His Master's Hand

February 2000 Mac NC17 PWP Complete
Some misunderstanding, dressing up and showing off.

The Warlord and the Jedi

February 2000 Anna NC17 AU Complete
A young Jedi/Healer meets up with a dangerous, attractive Warlord called Qui-Gon Jinn . . . .

Master of Mazes

February 2000 Mac NC17 Dark, contains rape Complete
Qui-Gon has a very dark meeting with Palpatine.

It's all Keelywolfe's Fault

February 2000 Mac, Keelywolfe & Krychick NC17 PWP Complete
A roundrobin PWP involving an undercover Jedi in leather.

The Fire and the Wings that Fly us Home

February 2000 Mac NC17 Angst Complete
At the end of things, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan are together.

Velvet and Steel

February 2000 Anna NC17 B&D Complete
A little training, a little fondling, a little...PWP.

Stallion and the Hawk

February 2000 Mac NC17 Historical AU In Progress
An AU set in the West about young Captain Obiah Wane who is captured by attractive and mysterious Lakota Shaman Quigon.

The Touch of Your Hand

March 2000
Part 1
Part 2 Mac NC17 Contains Rape Complete
Written in diarised form, it is the story of two Jedi who fall in love in spite of knowing it is forbidden.


February 2000 Mac NC17 Dark Complete?
An alternate ending sequel written (with permission) as a salute to Nonie Rider's dark AU "Taken by the Dark" where Qui-Gon attempts to protect his Padawan against a vampiric Maul.


March 2000 Mac R Pre-Slash Complete
Qui-Gon will do anything to ensure Obi-Wan's survival after they are marooned on a desert world.

A Prince of Corusc

March 2000 Mac NC17 AU PWP Complete
A lusty young Prince demands some public displays from Master Jinn.

Please Explain

March 2000 Mac R PWP Complete
Confusing signals lead to some misunderstandings on a mission and the Council asks for an explanation.

Destiny's Child

March-August 2000 Mac NC17 Angst, Underage & potential incest Complete
In an AU where Padawans and Masters may form a sexual training bond, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan find themselves linked by something unexpectedly powerful that leads to a daunting discovery.

Thrice Bitten

April 2000 Mac & Robin Serrano NC17 Drama Complete
Obi-Wan has some rather startling side effects when he is bitten by a poisonous insect while on a mission with Qui-Gon.

Riding the Wheel of If Ep. 21

April 2000 Mac R AU Complete
Mac's contribution to Terri Hamills' AU series features Obi-Wan meeting up with Brother Kenobi, an innocent Jedi Monk who is seemingly at the mercy of a dangerous Emperor.

The Companion

April 2000 Mac R AU - underage character Complete
Based on some aspects of the novels of Fiona Patton, this AU concerns a young companion meets his King.

Only Remember Me

April-July 2000 Mac NC17 AU Slavefic Complete
When Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon are separated on a primitive world, Qui-Gon suffers from memory loss and Obi-Wan is captured and enslaved.

The Birthday Gift

May 2000 Mac PG13 PWP - underage Complete
Obi-Wan asks for a special gift for his sixteenth birthday.

Confessions & Absolutions

June 2000 Mac NC17 PWP Complete
Qui-Gon confesses a very private concern to Obi-Wan

Other Worlds Other Times 1: Japan

June 2000 Mac G AU Historical Complete
First of a series of alternate history snippets, this one set in Japan.

Last Rights

July 2000 Mac R H/C Romance Complete
Obi-Wan PoV contemplates the dramatic consequences of meeting a Sith.

The Gift of a Hundred Days

July 2000-March 2001
Parts 1-3
Parts 4-6
Parts 7-9
Parts 10-11 Mac NC17 Angst, contains rape Complete
Obi-Wan falls prey to a raiding pirate vessel and is sold to a brothel, while Qui-Gon searches and Xanatos plots.

Other Worlds, Other Times 2: Angeland

July 2000 Mac PG13 AU Historical Complete
Second of Mac's historical AU snippets, set in England in the time of the Celts and the Saxons.

Other Worlds, Other Times 3: The Crusades

August 2000 Mac PG13 AU Historical Complete
Third of Mac's historical AU snippets, set in the Holy Land during the Crusades.

Other Worlds, Other Times 4: Dragonmage

September 2000 Mac PG13 AU Historical Complete
Fourth of Mac's historical AU snippets, set in a magical world of Dragon Mages.

Beautiful to My Eyes

September 2000 Mac G H/C Romance Complete
When Obi-Wan is injured, he must learn a new way of being.

Never Assume

October 2000 Mac R/NC17 Humour Complete
The Adventures of a Very Proper Padawan and his very Proper Master: Episode 1: No Sex Please, we're Jedi

An Affirming Flame

October 2000 Mac PG13 Dark Angst Complete
Written for the launch of the Dead Padawans Society archive. That should tell you something....

Other Worlds, Other Times 5: Gift of the Gods October 2000 Mac R AU Historical Complete

Fifth of the AU snippets, set in Greece at the time of the Persian Wars.


November 2000 Mac R AU Complete
Jedi and rogue Jedi meet in a small quirky little piece of fic.

Up Against the Wall

November 2000 Mac NC17 PWP-some slight bondage Complete
When Qui-Gon is in a bad mood, Obi-Wan uses energetic means to put him back on track.

Fever Dream

December 2000 Mac PG Hurt-Comfort Complete
Qui-Gon meets up with an old enemy during a storm.

Night of the Bell

December 2000 Mac G Romance Complete
Gifts are exchanged on a special night of the year.

The Challenge

January 2001 Mac NC17 Dark AU Complete
The sequel to "Blood Music" written for Ruth's zine - set in a Mirror Universe where Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan are Sith.

Mirror Mirror

February 2001 Mac NC17 AU, PWP, some non-con Complete
Based on the idea of the old Star Trek episode of a Universe where everything is reversed, the good bad and the bad good. The two Qui-Gon's swap places, and some mayhem ensues.


March 2001 Mac NC17 AU In progress

Theme & Timbre #1 - Rondo: Aggressivo

  1. 2 - Da Capo
  2. 3 - Nocturne
March 2001 Mac NC17 PWP Complete
PWPs written as part of a musically-themed series, inspired by Raven.


Mac describes these as "not recommendations, per se, it is simply a reference source for different types of fic available on M/A."

Obi-Wan dominant or in charge of Qui-Gon

"A Less than Perfect Padawan" by Ruth Gifford (in M/A archive) (involves light BDSM and spanking)
"A Prince of Corusc" by Mac (on this site) (also Exhibitionist)
"All Tied up and Nowhere to Go" by Keelywolfe (on her site and on M/A)
"Games" by Dev-Aki Basaa (on M/A)
"Hand in Glove" by Gloriana (on M/A)
"Locker Room Games" by Jade (on M/A)
"Vice Versa" by Emila-Wan Kenobi (her site)
"Believe" by Anastasia (on M/A and her site)
"Master" by Katrinka (on M/A) (includes some BS&M)
"Perversion" by Merri-Todd Webster (M/A)
"Rogue Trader" by Mac (on this site)
"The Apprentice Master" by Lilith Sedai, Lorelei, Corri Lanham & Kate Evans (on M/A and probably Lilith's site)

Non-Consentual and/or Rape

"A Master of Mazes" by Mac (on this site) ( Palpatine/Qui-Gon)
"Adumbration" by Alex (on her site and on M/A)
"Bad Seed" by Kirby Crow (on her site and on M/A)
"Balance" by Anna (on this site)
"Fall into Darkness" by Lelia (on M/A)
"Polarity" by Robin Serrano (on M/A)
"Pretazeneu" by TJ (on M/A)
"Redeeming Anakin" by AK (on M/A)
"With or Without Consent" by Rushlight (on M/A)
"Sacrifice to the Dark" by Keelywolfe and Lapis Lazuli (on M/A)


"A Pair of Heels" by Emu (on M/A and her site)
"A Touch of Lace" as above
"A Shade of Blue" as above
"Games" by Dev-Aki Basaa (on M/A)
"Pleasure Boy" by Augusta Pembroke (on M/A)

Virgin Qui and/or Obi

"Virgin Sacrifice at Dawn" by 'chelle (on M/A)

Exhibitionist ("doing it" in public)

"A Prince of Corusc" by Mac (on this site)
"Accepting the Inevitable" by Meridian (on M/A)
"Command Performance" by MaliWane (on M/A)


A selection only: we suggest you try the Boys in Chains Archive for a much wider selection

"Disobedience" by Kass & Kate (on M/A and their own site)
"Only Remember Me" by Mac (this site and M/A)
"Rightful Owner" by WriteStuff (on M/A)
"The Red Temple" by Rushlight (on M/A)


"Claiming the Master" by Mac (on this site)
"Where You Lay Down, There's My Bed" by Z.P. Florian (on M/A)
"Value for Money" by Wolfe (on M/A)

BIG stories* (195k or more)

"Adumbration" by Alex (300k)
"An Uncommon Fear of Shifting" by Analise (on M/A) (240k)
"Apprentice to Journeyman" by Susan Smithson (on M/A) (303k)
"Buying Trouble" by Layna A. (on M/A - twice, for some reason - and her site) (202k)
"Convergence" by Alex (200+k)
"Riding the Wheel of If" by MrsHamill & Others (on M/A and her own site) (Big!)
"Three Roads, One Destiny" by MrsHamill & Master Go-Yurt (on M/A and her own site) (350k +)
"Devotion" by Destina Fortunato (at M/A and on her own site) (??k)
"Desolation" by Destina Fortunato (at M/A and on her own site) (??k)
"Hope to Those Who Have Not" by Adalisa (on M/A and on her own site) (??k)
"Human Sexual Technique: The series" by 'chelle (on M/A) (I think its finished.....) (kk?)
The "Letters" series by Wolfling and Lori (their site) (1200k)
"Out of Reach" by Artemis (on M/A) (194k)
"One Perfect Moment" by Sian (M/A) (224k)
"The Magician's Apprentice" by Rushlight (on M/A) (approx. 340k)
"Silent Faction" by Analise and Kirby Crow (on M/A and their site) (310k)
"Surfacing" series by Yahtze (on M/A) (???k)
"Stepping to Jonah"/"Bitter Glass" by Kirby Crow (on M/A and her site ) (??k)
"The Fear Exercises" by WriteStuff (on M/A) (366k)
"The Gift" by The Raven (on M/A) (245k)
"The Jedi Temple Murders" by Analise and Kirby Crow (on M/A and their site) (228k)
"Vaar" series by Katrinka (on M/A) (??k)
"Woven" by RavenD (on M/A and her site) (200+k)

Vampire Qui or Obi

"Hunger Test" by Maygra (vampire Qui-Gon) (on M/A and probably her site)
"Silent Legacy" by Black Rose (on M/A and her site) (vampire Obi-Wan)
"Nighthunger" by Mac (on this site) (ObiVamp)
"Symphony" by Mac (on this site) (ObiVamp)
"Threshold" and its sequels by Cincoflex (ObiVamp) (on M/A)

Very kinky

"Cutwork" by Rachael Sabotini (on M/A)
"Discoveries" by TJ (on M/A)
"Duplicity's End/Gift/Honor" by Robin Serrano (on M/A and her site)
"Submission" by Anna (on this site)


"Danger, Little Stranger" (Velvet Goldmine) by Lilith Sedai and Corri Lannam (on M/A)
"Eros" by Brenda Antrim (multiverse) (on M/A and her site)
"Lifeforce" by Xanthe (X Files) (on M/A)
"Lost Jedi" by Augusta Pembroke (Velvet Goldmine) (on M/A)
"Something Wild" by Ke'es Yoshi (Velvet Goldmine) (on M/A)
"Strange Frontier" by Katrinka (Dr Who) (on M/A)

Unusual, odd or Just Different

"Growth" by Marag (Qui reaching puberty at 60) (on M/A)
"Vice Versa" by Emila-Wan Kenobi (Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan swap places)
"Yes, Padawan"[2] by Barbana (on M/A) (well, just read it and see)
"Masterpiece" by Destina Fortunato (on M/A and her site) (Obi-Wan paints on Qui-Gon)
"Obi-Kitty" by Master Elayna (on M/A) (Obi-Wan being catty)
"Right of First Refusal" by Artemis (on M/A)(Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon and an old Jedi tradition about public proclamation)
"Temperance" by Jacynthe Demorae (On M/A and her site) (Obi-Wan swears an Oath of Fealty)
"Dark Side of the Moon" by Ki (On M/A) (NastyDark Obi)
"The Entirely Beautiful" by Torch (on M/A) (well, just read it...)
"The Gift" by The Raven (on M/A) (Obi-Wan becomes a woman)
"The Sweet Taste of Gungun" by Emu (on M/A and her site) (Qui-Gon and.....Jar-Jar...)(be afraid!)
"The Year Without Memories" by Krychick (on M/A) (Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon lose their memories)


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