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Name: The Phantom Menace Fanfiction Webring
Date Founded: 19 August 2000 or before[1]
Fandom: The Phantom Menace
Focus: fanfic
URL: Phantom Menace Fanfiction Webring
Phantom Menace Fanfiction Webring.png

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The Phantom Menace Fanfiction Webring is a webring for Star Wars: The Phantom Menace fanfiction sites.

Criteria for membership:

  • Your page has some Phantom Menace Fanfiction,
  • or your page is about Phantom Menace Fanfiction e.g. reviews or recs or discusion,
  • or your site is a directory of Phantom Menace Fanfiction related links.
  • Sites that simply have a couple of links will not be admitted. Whether a site is a links directory or a site with a few links is a judgement call on my part. It will depend on the site presentation and the number of links it has whether I admit a links site or not. If I deny your site entry you have one chance to appeal and convince me to change my mind, after that my descision is final unless the site goes through some major changes.
  • Slash only or Adult only sites should place a warning in the description of their site.

Member Sites


  1. Oldest Wayback capture of Pumpkin's Slash Patch showing the page as a member site. (Accessed 08 January 2012)