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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: the shadowland - kalynn's fan fiction
Author: Kalynn (Kaly)
Dates: 1998 - ?
Fandom: Jurassic Park 3, Profiler, X-Files, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Star Wars TPM, X-Men
URL: (Wayback link)
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the shadowland - kalynn's fan fiction was a personal fanfiction site. It was hosted by GeoCities.

Fandoms included The X-Files, Profiler, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Star Wars, X-Men, Jurassic Park 3, Harry Potter, Smallville, JAG, Sports Night, Pearl Harbor, and Horatio Hornblower.

The site was a member of the Profiler Fiction Web Ring, The Believers Web Ring, The Profiler Web Ring, the Hercules Fan Fiction Webring, The Phantom Menace Fanfiction Webring, the Ring O' X-Men Moviefic, and Harry Potter For Adults.

Jurassic Park 3

   The Best of Intentions 4.04 K
   Billy reacts after Alan discovers that he wasn't just taking pictures of the nests.
   Doubts 2.75 K
   A trilogy of drabbles set late during and after the movie. Where do Alan and Billy stand?
   G rated slash story.
   Facing the Present 5 K
   Things change, it's all in letting yourself enjoy it.
   Family Reunions 5.3 K
   Billy's point of view of the reunion at the fence.
   Going Home 35.1 K
   It's a long trip home for Alan and Billy.
   PG rated slash story.
   Not A Day Goes By 6.92 K
   Alan reflects on knowing the consequences.
   Shadows of Hell 6.72 K
   It was a long first night for Billy on Isla Sorna.
   Shattered Dreams 36.78 K
   Sometimes we lose the things that matter before we ever truly have them.
   PG rated implied slash story.
   Survival 4.47 K
   What was Billy thinking toward the end?
   Winds of Change 11.7 K
   Two years after the events on Isla Sorna, the dig season's ending and things are changing.
   PG rated slash story.


Profiler page
I'm a Believer so you've been warned! (Are you a Believer too? Check out The Believer Webring) In case you don't know what that term stands for, I write SJR. Or - stories that involve Sam and John in either a romantic relationship or at the least a deep friendship. While Bailey is in these stories - he will never be in a relationship, and most certainly not with Sam. That being said, enjoy the stories. ~~kaly

The Becca Series

   New Year's Dance 6.79 K
   John finds Sam working on New Year's Eve and they share a dance.
   Resolutions 10.6 K
   Sam confronts John about why he ran out the night before, and learns a surprising secret. Continues the story from New Year's Dance.
   Letting Go 11.2 K
   Over a month into their new relationship, Sam tries to help John through a tough time. Continues the story from New Year's Dance and Resolutions.

Birthday Surprises

   Sam's Birthday Present 16.3 K
   John decides to surprise Sam for her birthday.
   John's Birthday Present 19.2 K
   Sam decides to get even with John on his birthday, but her plans are interrupted when John has a car wreck.

But I Do 13.5 K John and Sam attempt to share a meal together, but something keeps coming up... Humor and sap. :-)

Complete 24.3 K John and Sam have an argument during a case and Jack decides he should help Sam by getting rid of John. Sam must confront her feelings for John.

Don't Forget Me 20.2 K John tries to run away from his feelings for Sam and in the end, brings them closer together.

The Happiest Christmas 20.4 K A Christmas story with a twist. Sam, shopping on Christmas Eve, finds a six year old boy at the mall -- one who calls himself Johnny O'Doyle.

I'll Never Let You Go

   John's Thoughts 9.3K
   While spending a quiet evening together with Sam, John remembers how they became a couple.
   Sam's Memories 11.9K
   While spending a quiet evening together with John, Sam looks back on the event that helped them become a couple.

In Another's Eyes

   When She Cries 6 K
   John's thoughts after he leaves Sam at the bar. Set late in Into The Abyss (season one).
   When He Leaves 7 K
   Sam's thoughts after John leaves the bar. Set late in Into The Abyss (season one).

In The End 56.2 K What would it take to get Sam back to Atlanta? (post season four, but *very* SJR)

Leaving 4.51 K Sometimes the end isn't what we expect. NOT a happy fic.

Memories 26 K After a day out with Sam and Chloe, John is in a car wreck.

The More Things Change... 34.9 K Sam's been gone for over four years -- have things changed too much to go back?

Nothing He Wouldn't Do 22 K Sam holds back from admitting how she feels about John because of Jack. What will it take to make her admit how she feels?

Safe From The Storm 9.55 K Sam and John spend a stormy evening together, and confront their feelings.

Season One Missing Scenes

   Action and Reaction 7.8 K
   A 'Night Dreams' missing scene - how Sam came to be at the hospital after John was shot.
   Charade 4.2 K
   A 'The House That Jack Built' missing scene - Sam's reaction what happens to John.
   In His Eyes 3.16 K
   A 'Doppleganger' missing scene - Sam's reaction to John's story about Marco.

Sick Days 17.5 K When Sam gets sick, John plays nurse. But how well would he handle getting sick, too? Humor.

A Small Consolation A Profiler/X-Files Crossover 105 K When a string of kidnapings and murders hit Atlanta, the VCTF seeks to find the killer. Meanwhile, Mulder has been having strange dreams... Can he and Scully work with Sam and the VCTF to catch the killer before he strikes again?

That Moment 12.7 K The night Sam leaves Atlanta, John goes to his cabin to think.

Tickle Thearpy 8.3 K Sam and John have a tickle fight late one night.

Turning Point 16.1 K Finding some old photographs brings back old memories for Sam.

Untrodden Ways

   Regrets 8.43 K
   Plagued by dreams, Sam rethinks her decision to leave Atlanta - two years later.
   Consequence 14.6 K
   Sam’s call to John sets things into motion in Atlanta.

Wonderful Journey 8.3 K Sam reflects on her relationship with John.

You'll Be With Me 322 K Sam and John develop a relationship slowly -- the story of their life together. Warning: Angst story. 5 out of 5 hankey warning according to my beta reader.


X-Files page
Warning to shippers, I'm a friendshipper not a relationshipper. However, my stories have been described as being both shipper and no-romo friendly. Another thing is that these stories are generally considered under the angst category. However, recently I have found myself writing humor pieces as well, they are marked as such.
   All That Matters 11.5 K
   Scully and Mulder have an argument, later that night she receives a mysterious warning about Mulder.
   Always 17.4 K
   An argument followed by a car wreck. An apology followed by a promise.
   Anger 20.5 K
   Mulder and Sculy have a fight one Friday afternoon, Mulder runs off rejected and Scully has to save him. One of the first stories I wrote.
   Anniversary On A Park Bench 9 K
   Mulder and Scully confront thier emotions on an anniversary of sorts.
   Bearings Lost 12.4 K
   After his search for Samantha is over and Scully is safe, Mulder feels as if he's lost his bearings. Can Scully get to him in time?
   The Christmas Tree 13.1 K
   Mulder is down at the holidays and Scully decides to cheer him up by asking for help decorating her Christmas tree.
   Christmas Songs -- XFiles Style 5.14 K
   My idea of XFiles variations on 12 Days of Christmas and Jingle Bells (well, sorta like the Bart Simpson version). Really short, humor.
   Coma 43.2 K
   Mulder is attacked while meeting with an informant.
   Coma II: Recovery 36.1 K
   Continues the story that began in Coma. Mulder recuperates from his attack at Mrs. Scully's house, Scully confronts his attacker and Mulder suffers a relapse.
   The Dance 12.6 K
   My one and only cancer story. A what if piece set after Memento Mori. Mulder's reaction to losing Scully. Songfic.
   Envious 16.9 K
   Mulder and Scully have an argument the day before Valentine's Day. Things go downhill from there.
   Faith Manages 16.7 K
   Mulder wakes up, confused, with Scully wanting to know where he's been for three weeks. Only he can't remember.
   Family 28.5 K
   Mulder and Scully at Thanksgiving. Written in response to the holiday challenge on Shirley's MTA page.
   Follow Your Heart 43 K
   After Scully leaves him, Mulder reflects and looks forward. Will Scully return to him?
   Forgive Me? 11.8 K
   Mulder and Scully have an accident.
   Half Trying To Be Whole 11.9 K
   Scully leaves Mulder and they must live with the result...
   I Am With You Forever 18.6 K
   Mulder recalls a sacrifice. Song story, uses the song 'Remember Me' by Journey from the 'Armageddon' soundtrack.
   I Promise You All My Life 12.4 K
   Mulder and Scully react separately to a song on television. More of an introspective character piece.
   I'll Never Let Go 7.2 K
   Scully finds an injured Mulder, and tries to help him stay alive.
   In My Life 11 K
   Scully confronts Mulder about his changing beliefs. Pre The Red and The Black.
   Iris 6.8 K
   Mulder sits in his apartment thinking about his life with Scully and hears the song 'Iris' from the 'City of Angels' soundtrack.
   It's A Wonderful Life 12.8 K
   Scully's reaction to an anniversary of Ahab's death.
   Keep Believing 9 K
   How might Mulder act without Scully?
   Keeping Faith 11.5 K
   Mulder thinks about his life, and comes to a final decision. Can Scully help him?
       The Letter 2.9 K
       Mulder writes a letter to Scully, but is it the end?
       The Letter: A Response 3.5 K
       After finding Mulder's letter and confronting him in person, Scully attempts to express her reaction in a letter of her own. 
   The Lighthouse Keeper 54.4 K
   Mulder and Scully investigate a haunting in St. Augustine, Florida. While Mulder has disturbing dreams that might somehow be related to the case.
   The Lockjaw Incident 18.6 K
   For Mulder, not even a yawn is without its complications. Humor!
   Lost Time 20.6 K
   Mulder recalls a recent case and how it relates to a case from years before.
   My Heart Will Go On 10 K
   This is a story involving the theme song from "Titanic" in which, after losing Mulder, the song helps Scully move on. This was the first story I ever had the nerve to post, and was written long before the song got so out of hand. *g*
   A New Beginning 13.1 K
   Mulder sits on a beach thinking about Scully and when she left his life. Will she come back?
   One Last Moment 11.4 K
   How do you feel when the one you care for the most, is taken from you? What do you miss the most? Scully's reaction.
   Remember Me This Way 11.4 K
   This is a story using the main song from from the motion picture "Casper" in which Scully remembers losing Mulder, who died to save her.
   Separated 18.7 K
   Mulder and Scully's thoughts after they part when Scully leaves the X Files, and will they meet again?
   The Shadows In His Eyes 8.2 K
   A post episode piece set after Pusher. Scully helps Mulder deal with what happened in the hospital room with Modell.
   A Small Consolation A X-Files/Profiler Crossover 105 K
   When a string of kidnapings and murders hit Atlanta, the VCTF seeks to find the killer. Meanwhile, Mulder has been having strange dreams... Can he and Scully work with Sam and the VCTF to catch the killer before he strikes again?
   The Talking Appliance Series
   For an explanation of this series: Click here.
       Mulder And The Computer 5.73 K
       Mulder gets a surprise from his computer.
       Scully And The Coffee Maker 7.16 K
       Now it's Scully's turn. She has a talk with the coffee maker.
       Skinner And The Cell Phone 9.45 K
       Is no one safe? Skinner answers a plea for help. Humor!
       Cancerman Verses The Computer 6.47 K
       Cancerman checks up on Harry after he finds out he spoke to Mulder. Humor!
       Mulder Verses The VCR 8.64 K
       Mulder encounters come unforseen complications when he tries to watch some "videos". Humor!
       The Lone Gunmen And The Laptop 12.4 K
       What ensues when the boys get their hands on Scully's laptop. Humor!
       The End Is Sometimes Only The Beginning 13.7 K
       The grand finale of the series (or so I think at the moment). Talking appliances and befuddled humans galore! Humor!
       After the Flames: Appliances Strike Back 11.9 K
       The gang is back, this time to terrorize Agents Spender and Fowley. A warped take on how Mulder and Scully will get the xfiles back.
   Thoughts Under A Sea Of Stars 5.4 K
   Mulder sits and thinks about his life.
   Together 19 K
   A post episode piece set after Kit..., otherwise known as Pusher 2. The agents deal with the aftermath of the confrontation with Linda Bowman.
   Too Late 9.9 K
   Samantha story. Samantha's reaction to losing her brother she never had the chance to know. This is AU based on a pre-season seven idea of Samantha.
   Top Ten Lists
       Top Ten XFiles Ways to Get Rid of Diana
       The title says it all *g* how to get rid of the ultimate evil life-sucking... FBI agent.
       Top Ten XFiles Ways to Get Some Sense Into 'One Son' Mulder
       The title says it all *g* how to knock some sense into deluded Mulder.
       Top Ten Reasons CSM Is Really Just 'Misunderstood'
       The title says it all *g* CSM isn't bad, he's just drawn that way. yeah right, huh?
   You Saved Me 13.7 K
   An investigation drives Mulder and Scully apart, then brings them togehter. Warning: this is my first and ONLY MSR story, it's light, and was written at the request of a friend.
   You're Gone 17.9 K
   Mulder contemplates his life and work after Scully leaves the Xfiles. Can they have a happy ending? 

Miscellaneous Fiction

Miscellaneous Fiction page
Some stories on this page may be slash. Each story that is will be marked as such. What this means is that two guys will express that they love one another and maybe even kiss. Although none rates above PG-13 (and that's usually for something other than the romantic content) please be a responsible reader and don't choose these stories if you don't care for m/m subtext. I do not write porn, contrary to what slash is often put down to be. Be it het or slash, whatever the fandom, my stories are relationship-based.

Harry Potter

Love is love.

   Aftermath 15.2 K
   Ron and Harry react to what happened while saving the Sorcerer's Stone.
   Evening Shadows 17.74 K
   Gen Version | Slash Version
   Harry has a nightmare about what happened on McGonagall's giant chess-set during first year. Both Gen and Slash versions avaliable, no difference in rating.
   The Hour Before Dawn 17.73 K
   After the confrontation in the Shrieking Shack, both Harry and Ron try to come to terms with what's happened. Harry & Ron buddy fic. Spoilers for PoA.
   Love Remains
       Winter 10.33 K
       Harry receives news of an attack on the Ministry of Magic and rushes back. Addresses a plot point established in 'Love Remains'
       I'm Already There 13.4 K
       What is going through Ron's mind after the attack on and defense of the Ministry described in "Winter."
       Love Remains 9.45 K
       My first Harry Potter story. A grown-up Harry reflects on his past and regrets. Harry & Ron buddy fic.
   The Valley of Unrest 147 K
   Could a tragedy tear the Weasleys apart and cause Harry to lose his best friend? AU set before Chamber of Secrets.

Horatio Hornblower

   Imbalance 7.85 K
   My first Hornblower fic. What went through Horatio's mind when he found Archie after the prisoner uprising.


   Not Goodbye 13.2 K
   My first, and only, JAG fic. Harm is getting ready to leave for Pensacola. Has everything been said? Harm-Mac Shipper alert.

Pearl Harbor

   Home 5.43 K
   Rafe's thoughts as he flies home at the end of "Pearl Harbor".


   Ashes to Ashes 4.09 K
   Lex tries to drive away from his past after watching the Kent's reunion.

Sports Night

   Acceptance and Survival 23.87 K
   Dan told the world about Sam while on the air, but how did Casey find out?

Original Stories

   Liar of the Dragon
   An introspective piece about facing life ahead while dealing with what lies behind.
   The Path
   A metaphorical look at how to face trials in life. not complete 


Hercules page
Below are stories set during both the short-lived Young Hercules FoxKids television show, as well as Hercules: TLJ. I am an Iolausian. This means that the majority of the stories are either centered on or heavily feature Iolaus. The YH stories typically are based around the three main characters equally.

Young Hercules

"Between heaven and earth..." Hercules, "Young Hercules: The Movie"

   At What Cost? 36.7 K
   Hercules is constantly trying to get Zeus' attention, but is it worth the cost when his quest endagers Iolaus and Jason's lives?
   The Broom Chase Or How To Deal With A Stubborn Teenager 16.2 K
   Iolaus gets in hot water with Alcmene while he and Hercules are home for a semester break from the Academy.
   Divided Loyalties 47.31 K
   Set in a timeline where Herc and Iolaus were friends at a young age. While a thirteen-year-old Iolaus is staying with Hercules, who's eleven, Iphicles makes a surprise visit. Tensions ensue when Hercules feels forced to choose between his best friend and his brother.
   Guardians 60.33 K
   When Hercules leaves the academy with Zeus, Iolaus and Jason follow them concerned that not all is what it appears.
   Taking A Chance 34 K
   An IWC challenge story. How did Iolaus end up at Chieron's Academy anyway? This is one possible version of events.
   Trial and Effect 20.7 K
   A follow up story to the YH episode "Ares on Trial," this story focuses on Iolaus' continued reaction to Hercules' believed death. The show, due to time restraints and it's 'kiddie' atmosphere ended without the 'oomph' i would have liked to have seen -- this is the result.

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

"The best I ever was, was with you." Niobe to Iolaus, Long Live the King

   Again Allowed To Dream A Poem
   Poem written for the IML poetry day. A response to Hercules, season five.
   The Best I Ever Was 4.63 K
   Written after watching Long Live The King. Niobe's reaction to learning of the events of season five.
   A Brother's Sacrifice 77.19 K
   Iolaus gives his life to ensure Herc's safety after a fight goes wrong. Can Herc, with the help of Persephone and Aphrodite, save Iolaus from his noble, but misguided sacrifice?
   Heroic Deception 63.75 K
   After an accident while cleaning out Alcmene's barn, Iolaus hides a serious injury. So that Hercules can care for a sick Alcmene, an injured Iolaus goes alone to answer a plea for help from the village of Krenia.
   The Pursuit A Hercules Double Drabble 1.8 K
   Iolaus is hot on the trail of an escapee. Kinda a humor twist, just over 200 words (hence sorta a drabble).
   Sacrifice's Cost 38.5 K
   After the events in A Brother's Sacrifice, Iolaus faces the after effects of being trapped in the nerious stone.
   Trial By Fire 108.35 K
   When Iolaus loses two of those dearest to him, his mother and his best friend, he faces a life alone. However, he is offered a challenge to reclaim Hercules. As a result of his effort, both of their eyes are opened about the true nature of thier friendship.
   Wherever I May Roam A Poem
   Post Redemption poem. Hercules, first person. 

Star Wars TPM

Star Wars TPM page

Bant's Promise 31.9 K After TPM, Obi-Wan returns to Coruscant and is met by an old friend. For those who haven't read the Jedi Apprentice books, Bant is a canon-established childhood friend of Obi-Wan's.

Empty 21.8 K Set during TPM. Obi-Wan's reactions to events late in TPM -- major spoilers for TPM.

A Failure of Foresight 6.96 K Years after their mission on Kegan, Qui-Gon watches over Obi-Wan and ponders how things might have been different. Spoilers for Jedi Apprentice 9.

Fate's Ironies 4.03 K Alone on Tatooine, one man thinks back on fate and those lost along the way.

A Fleeting Touch 22.1 K A post-TPM fic, co-written with Taleyna. Concentrates on a what if (well, sorta) plot involving Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon after the events in the melting pit in The Phantom Menace. Implied subtext - you're warned.

In A Heartbeat 17.39 K An attack while on a mission, and the results for both Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon. Possible subtext - depends on how you look at it.

Inner Strength Series

For an explanation of this series: Click here.

For the lyrics to the song behind this series: Click here.

   Inner Strength 12 K
   An AU story. Qui-Gon finds himself drawn to a suffering little boy.
   First in the Inner Strength Series.
   Inner Fire 16 K
   An AU story. After returning from his mission, Qui-Gon tries to puzzle out his bond with little Obi-Wan Kenobi.
   Second in the Inner Strength Series.
   Inner Struggle 26 K
   An AU story. Obi-Wan falls suddenly ill, Qui-Gon is faced with losing the young boy.
   Third in the Inner Strength Series.
   Inner Spark 42.1 K
   An AU story. After Obi-Wan recovers from his illness, Qui-Gon takes him on an day trip outside the Academy - as usual, nothing goes as planned.
   Fourth in the Inner Strength Series.
   Inner Light 39 K
   An AU story. A lift malfunctions with Obi-Wan inside, and results ensue.
   Fifth in the Inner Strength Series.
   Inner Conundrum 37.8 K
   An AU story. After Obi-Wan has a confrontation with an older student, he and Qui-Gon spend the afternoon in the Animal Gardens.
   Sixth in the Inner Strength Series.
   Inner Child 31.9 K
   An AU story. A surprise on Qui-Gon's Naming day.
   Seventh in the Inner Strength Series.
   Inner Devotion 26 K
   An AU story. The threat of Council interference becomes reality.
   Eighth in the Inner Strength Series.
   Inner Resolve 121 K
   An AU story. Qui-Gon disappears while on his mission. Back home, Elyzabe, Mace and Obi-Wan wait and worry before taking action.
   Ninth in the Inner Strength Series.

Inner Strength: Missing Moments Series

For an explanation of this series: Click here.

   Causing Trouble 9.25 K
   An AU story. General mischief all around.
   First in the Missing Moments series, a series of snippets set within the Inner Strength series.
   Observations 5 K
   An AU story. After the events of IS8: Inner Devotion, someone watches Obi-Wan.
   Second in the Missing Moments series.
   Near Miss 5.47 K
   An AU story. Unexpected danger on a day trip.
   Third in the Missing Moments series.
   Nightmare 7.09 K
   An AU story. Obi-Wan suffers from a nightmare.
   Fourth in the Missing Moments series.
   For The Birds 4.66 K
   An AU story. Obi-Wan and Bant stir up trouble. Humor.
   Fifth in the Missing Moments series.
   Lunchtime 9.42 K
   An AU story. Obi-Wan fixes lunch. Humor.
   Sixth in the Missing Moments series.
   Comfort 5.89 K
   An AU story. This time, Qui-Gon is the one who needs comforted.
   Seventh in the Missing Moments series.
   Apporaching Storms 6.56 K
   An AU story. Elyzabe watches over Obi-Wan.
   Eighth in the Missing Moments series.
   The Essay 8.27 K
   An AU story. Elyzabe gives Obi-Wan's class a writing assignment.
   Ninth in the Missing Moments series.
   The Gift of a Friend 9.54 K
   An AU story. Mace considers the changes in his friend.
   Tenth in the Missing Moments series.
   Little Things 9.12 K
   An AU story. Obi-Wan decides to give Qui-Gon his essay. Follows 'The Essay'.
   Eleventh in the Missing Moments series.
   The Bedtime Story 9.6 K
   An AU story. Obi-Wan tells Qui-Gon a bedtime story.
   Twelfth in the Missing Moments series.
   Curiosity 7.56 K
   An AU story. Obi-Wan and Bant talk and have fun.
   Thirteenth in the Missing Moments series.
   Diplomacy 7.81 K
   An AU story. Qui-Gon attempts to help Obi-Wan with his homework.
   Fourteenth in the Missing Moments series.
   Consequences 10.49 K
   An AU story. Elyzabe confronts Qui-Gon about the study session in IS:MM14 Diplomacy.
   Fifteenth in the Missing Moments series.

Insight Series

   Sacrifice 6.65 K
   Set during TPM. Obi-Wan Wan's thoughts during and after Qui-Gon announces his intent to train Anakin. First-person, introspective. Prequel to "To Need"
   To Need 5.01 K
   Set during TPM. Qui-Gon thinks about Obi-Wan's place in his life. First-person, introspective. Follows "Sacrifice" 

Reflections 14.48 K Obi-Wan thinks about what is past and what is to come, while waiting for his destiny on Tatooine.

Reluctance 3.57 K A talk between Master and student. Follows canon, post-TPM.

Rest 13 K Sometime before ANH, Obi-Wan is on Tatooine thinking and remembering. Meanwhile, Yoda tries to talk some sense into one particular Jedi Master. Results ensue.

May 26 Say Good Night 17.4 K Originally intended for a now defunct zine, Qui-Gon goes to comfort Obi-Wan after Anakin's fall. WARNING This is a PG rated SLASH story.

Suspending Fate 9 K What if one part toward the end of TPM didn't happen quite so fast? Spoilers for TPM.

Time 8.9 K Moments in time that span a lifetime. Obi-Wan POV. Starts post-TPM through ANH.

When We Two Parted 12.1 K An unseen observer gives new perspective to the pyre scene at the end of TPM.


X-Men page
A note about the stories. I've been something of an X-Men fan for years, but have never follwed the comics (although friends do and they tend to keep me fairly up to date). However, after seeing the movie I was intrigued. That being said, it is a safe assumption that most of the stories listed below are in the movieverse, rather than comic (or even cartoon, geez knows I watched it enough when I was younger). It is also safe to assume that many of these stories contain some sort of spoilers for the X-Men Movie.

Acts of Love Series

       Please Remember 7.23 K
       Scott watches over Jean after a mission goes wrong. Death story, kinda sorta.
       If Only 12.51 K
       Jean's reaction to Scott's death. Features comic-ish canon Bobby.
   Conflict and Friction 4.83 K
   Jean's thoughts after she leaves Logan's room the first night. Set during the movie.
   Hope 5.99 K
   Scott thinks about hope for the future, and the trials of the past. Minor spoilers for the movie and follows background established in the novelization.
   Lamentation 16.46 K
   Bobby mourns the loss of his best friend. Comicverse.
   Points of View 7 K
   In class one day, Rogue thinks about what she learned from Logan, and how it applies to some of the others at the school. Set after the movie.
   Quiet Turmoil 3.49 K
   My first X-Men story. Late at night, Scott sits with Professor Xavier. Set during the movie.
   Unexpected Kinship Series
       Everything Changes 15.32 K
       Rogue is upset by a letter from home, and comfort comes from an unexpected source.
       Smoke and Mirrors 24.2 K
       Rogue and Scott continue to talk, and Logan questions her about the change.
       A Shoulder to Lean On 44.33 K
       Rogue overhears a falling out between Scott and Jean, and the aftereffects. 


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