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Name: The Itty Bitty Archives
Date(s): 1998 - 2003
Archivist: Kaylee, queenB, Lise
Founder: Kaylee
Type: Fanfiction Archive
Fandom: X-Men
URL: Kaylee's site: Via Wayback;
queenB's site Via Wayback
Lise's site: on Wayback
2001 layout
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The Itty Bitty Archives was an archive website during the height of the X-Men fandom, despite what the name suggests it was quite large. It would later merge with Alternate Timelines to become


The Itty Bitty Archives was founded by Kaylee in order to archive mainly Cyclops and Wolverine fic. The archives were announced on the usegroup on October 3, 1998[1], with the creation of the Itty Bitty Logan Archive, the Itty Bitty Cyke Archive and the Itty Bitty X-Men Archive. Two new sections - the Itty Bitty Misc. Archive and the Itty Bitty Bit O' Praise page - were added in December 1998[2]; in January 1999[3], following the responses to her "Faces of Hate" challenge[4] (cross-posted to both OTL and ACFF), Kaylee added the "Faces of Hate" collection, which would later become a separate archive loosely associated with the Itty-Bitties.

At some point around 2000, queenB took them over, increasing the size from "itty bitty" to "not so" itty bitty with a number of updates between May 8, 2000 and May 1, 2001[5]. She also widened the scope of the "Misc" section to add more Vertigo fanfic, per her personal preferences.

In June 3, 2001[6], Lise took over the archives. In order to assist with the updating, Lise asked a number of ficcers to act as content editors for the different sections: Paradoqz, Naomi, Andraste, Alestar, and Xander.

The Itty Bitty Scott Archive is happy to have Naomi as content editor.

The Itty Bitty Logan Archive is happy to have Alestar as content editor.

The Itty Bitty X-men Archive, because of its size, is happy to have both Andraste and Xander as content editors.

The Itty Bitty Misc. Archive is happy to have Paradoqz as content editor.

The actual HTML, archiving work and hosting is being done by Lise. All design aspects were done exclusively by queenB; Lise has simply taken that design over. Any problems or questions regarding the site itself should be directed at Lise.

The Itty Bitty Archives Staff

It was during this time that the Cyke and Logan Archives were merged together to become The Itty Bitty Cyke and Logan Archive.

Lise and Alicia McKenzie eventually merged the Itty Bitty Archives with Alternate Timelines and Felicitas in order to create the domain.


The Itty Bitty Archives housed:

There were also links to CFAN and Dex's In My Humble Opinion review page.

Fan Authors [7]

A.j. Abyss Acetal Alara Rogers Albertina Alestar Alexandra N Alicia McKenzie
Allykat Amanda Sichter Amy Ana Lyssie Cotton Andraste Andrea13 Ascian Bayeux
BelaLeBeau BJ Carlson Bludgeon Brucha M Carol Cherry Ice Coda Voodoo Contrail
Cosmic Cynjen Dr. Benway Dale Ingram Dandelion Dannell Lites DarkMark Denise K
Dex Diamonde Domenika Marzione Dorell DuAnn Dyce Elizabeth Johnson Em-Spider
Faile Falstaff Fancycatz Foenix Fred G Galaxia Alpha Grym Hutch
Indigo Jane St. Clair Jaya Mitai JB McDragon Jen Morrioghan Jim Smith Joan M John Duffin
JT K-Nice Kael Kaly Kassia Kaylee Kerithwyn Jade Kerri G.
Kerri S Kielle Kieri Kitty L Burke Lady Kate Lady Seraph Laersyn
Larissa James Latex Layla V (comics) Lise Liz Roth Lori McDonald Luba Kmetyk Mack K
Maggie the Cat Magik Mari Rose Maria Cline Marko Lindman Mary Borsellino Mary Trauthen Mercutio
Meridian Micaela Minisinoo Misty Mona Morgan Lewis Nepthys Northlight
Nute Paradoqz Patch Pebblin Persephone Kore Phil Foster Phil H P.L. Nunn
Poi Lass PollyMel Prairiedog queenB QuilleCougrr Redhawk Renard Rhona H
River Ro Roohaha Rose Rossi Sequoia S sevenall Shadowcat Rules!
Shai PeriHawk Sharkbait Shera Crawler 007 Skyrocket Sparks Sunset Syl F Syvan Coyne
Tangerine Thomas W TM Tom Morgan Toni Morris Trisha Lynn Twiller V. Hayrabedian
Valerie Jones Victor Moore WGSarah Xander Yasmin M.

Fan Artists


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