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Name: Tapestry
Alias(es): Bayeux
Type: Fanwriter, Fanartist
Fandoms: Generation X, Subreality Cafe, The Common People
Communities: OTL, The Common People, ACFF, Subreality Cafe, X-Project
URL: Fanfiction.net; Comicfic.net
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Tapestry is a fanfiction writer and artist from the 1990s and 2000s. She specialised in X-Men fanfiction and was known especially for her original character, Dawn Embers. Tap's treatment of Dawn (and her many deaths) became a community joke.[1] Tapestry was also one of the younger members of ACFF, being in her mid-teens when she joined in 1996.[2]

Tapestry was one of the founding members of the Subreality Cafe and an enthusiastic participant in the SC round-robins. She is also an artist and provided art for Subreality as well her own and others' fanfic, as well as publishing a web-comic in later years[3].

Currently Tapestry is part of X-Project, an X-Men Movieverse RPG on Dreamwidth.

Notable Works

The Dawn Arc (Generation X) - "The massive Dawn Arc is about giving god-like powers to a more or less normal person and seeing what happens."[4]

"Rainy Day Memories" (The Common People) - two friends discover secrets about the other during a rainstorm.

"When Hope Takes Flight" (The Common People) - a woman is confined to a wheelchair until her mutant power manifests.

"To Hell With the Fake ID" (Subreality Cafe) - The third Subreality story ever written.

"Closer" (Subreality Cafe) - Dawn and Glenn try to get some respite from their fictional lives.

"Sometimes It Just Isn't Worth It" (Subreality Cafe) - It's TCP night and the first wave of Common People characters are getting together.



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