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Journal Community
Name: X-Project
Date(s): 2003-present (still active)
Moderator: Rossi, Eva, Sam, AJ
Founder: Queer As John, Jules, Bonni
Type: community RPG
Fandom: X-Men Movieverse
URL: community
feedback community
X-Project Wiki

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X-Project is an X-Men movieverse Fandom RPG which was started in May 2003 by QueerAsJohn, Bonni and Jules, following the screening of the second X-Men movie. It follows the lives of the residents of the Xavier Institute, through a combination of character journals and third person "logs", which are written cooperatively by the players and posted to the log community. The concept is, especially, "comics put through the realism filter of the X-Men movies", with comic canon - characters, plots, villains and so on - being adapted to fit the X-Project universe.

In January 2015, the game underwent a relaunch which established a "new" universe which was a combination of not only the X-Men movies, but all Marvel properties, including the MCU, various animations, comics and parts of the X-Men movies that could be adapted into the game's "new" continuity. It also allowed the game to discard much of the accumulated history of the past 12 years, which was deterring new players.

X-Project now has approximately 45 active players, with each player allowed a maximum of three characters. It has a mod team of five mods, who are elected from the player base by the players, and who act as "administrators" of the game, rather than DMs. Their job is to approve characters and plots, encouraging activity, and maintain the game's Wiki.


Historically, X-Project's players have come from a combination of fanfiction writers and the journal-based RP community, especially the Harry Potter RP community. Following the decline of Outside The Lines and the traditional comics fandom in 2003, many of the 'big names' of comics fanfic joined X-Project, encouraged by Kielle who posted a link to the game. Others came from the established Livejournal RP fandoms.



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