Alicia McKenzie

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Name: Alicia McKenzie
Alias(es): ajm1
Type: Fanwriter, Archivist
Fandoms: X-Men, X-Force
URL: Argent Miscellany - Alicia McKenzie's Fan Fiction
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Alicia McKenzie was active in the X-Men fandom during the 1990s/early 2000s. She was especially interested in Cable.

She owns The Dayspring Archive, which is a Cable archive.

Notable Works

Comments by other fans

"This woman is the goddess of Summer fanfic! She writes a lot of Nathan fic, many of which concentrate on his strained relationship with Scott. Her fic is all archived at the Dayspring Archive, which is an archive just dedicated to Nathan, and Some of my personal favourites are Take Me Out To The Ballgame, Summer Rain, Aftermath and Letters From the Edge"[1]
Alicia is the Cable writer in X-Men. She's almost single-handedly responsible for generating an whole subgenre of Cable fic, and she writes well.[2]


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