Phoenix, Jean Grey: The First X-woman

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Name: Phoenix, Jean Grey: The First X-woman
Date(s): October 19, 1997-June 17, 2004
Archivist: Nadav, John H. and Lauren
Founder: John H.
Type: fanfiction, fan art
Fandom: X-Men
URL: archive link, via Wayback Jan 5/05
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Phoenix, Jean Grey: The First X-woman was a fan site and fanworks archive dedicated to the X-Men character Jean Grey. One of the earliest X-Men websites, according to the counter on the main page it was created by John H around October 19, 1997 and was active throughout the 2000s. Some time around late 2001 and early 2002[1], Nadav took over the running of the site, with John still assisting with updates. The last update was June 17, 2004[2], and the page went defunct sometime after 2013.

As well as a biography about the comics character, profiles of her lovers, friends and enemies, a message board, scans from various comic appearances, news and links pages. It also contained 23 fanfiction stories by 18 contributing authors and 70 pieces of fan art by 16 contributing artists. The page also won a number of awards[3] for content and design.


"John H's 'Phoenix--The First X-Woman' is a fantastic page filled with information on Jean Grey, The Phoenix. It has tons of never before seen on the net pictures of Phoenix, Cyclops, Wolverine, and many other friends and enemies of Phoenix. The Memorable Moments section recaps important events in Jean's life. It features moments such as Jean's arrival to the X-Men, her sacrifice on the moon, her proposal to Scott, and her discovery of Onslaught. There are also many Phoenix quotes, a whole section based on the Phoenix Force, Fan-Fiction, and many other interesting things to see."


A lovely page all about the first lady of mutantdom...who else but Jean Grey? Ya get a bio, notes on her family, pictures, stories, a vote or two, artwork, and of course stories (under the header "Fan Contributions") neatly sorted into categories for your convenience.



Main Page

Jean's Life



(images scanned from the comics)



Phoenix, Jean Grey: The First X-woman/Fanfiction



Manips of comics art


  • Comics Updates
  • Actress - poll for who should play Jean in the "upcoming" X-Men movie; includes scans.
  • Death Matches - Jean v...
    • Heroes
    • Heroines
    • Male Villains
    • Female Villains


Phoenix, Jean Grey: The First X-woman/Links








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