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For the fan, see Arkady (fan).
Title: Arkady
Publisher: Politically ImpeRfect Press, then Secret Pleasures Press, then Secret Pleasures Press
ImpeRfect Press
Editor(s): Hindman
Date(s): May 1995, reprinted in January 1998 (possibly with a black and white cover), reprinted in May 2017
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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cover by KOZ

Arkady is a 163-page slash anthology by Hindman. The color cover and interior art is by Koz.

The reprint appears to have an additional illo, one of a wolf, by Hindman.

From Lionheart Distribution (original issue): "This zine features an original character (gay) mixed with Miami Vice, UNCLE, Equalizer. Media characters not slashed. Arkady Lachenko is a tough, smart mouthed cop. This is his story."

From Requiem Publications (2017 reprint): "Arkady Lachenko, former Special Forces, occasional undercover for the CIA prior to joining Miami PD Vice Division as Sonny Crockett's partner. (There is no Tubbs in this zine). Kady is a gay man struggling with his sexual identity (written in 1995, with the climate of the time period). He has a lover, and there are some sex scenes. Sonny and Kady cross paths with Mickey Kostmayer while investigating a series of vicious murders of gay HIV positive men in the first story. The rest of the zine is the story of Arkady's life, told though stories that cross with Equalizer, Miami Vice, and UNCLE, through to what happens after his death."