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Name: Liz Williams
Alias(es): E. H. Williams, arcady or arkady, mevennen, mondhile
Type: fan writer and writer
Fandoms: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Star Trek: DS9
URL: at LiveJournal
at Wikipedia[2]
Liz Williams photography
Liz Williams photography
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Liz Williams is a British sci-fi/fantasy writer, fanwriter, historian and occultist.

She is a creator of both fanworks and professional works, having been a participant in multiple fandoms over the years.

She is known for several stories centring on Garak and published in the mid-1990s on multiple author sites or specialized groups for DS9 fandom.


She is the daughter of a stage magician and a Gothic novelist, and she lived and worked in Kazakhstan from mid-nineties until 2000. After her husband died in 2002 from cancer, she moved to Glastonbury.

Two of her novels were nominated for the Philip K. Dick Award, The Ghost Sister (2001) and Empire of Bones (2002). Her experiences in Kazakhstan are reflected in her 2003 novel Nine Layers of Sky.

Liz was a Guest of Honor at Phoenix Con - Dublin in 2009 and was at Finncon - Finland for the same reason. Liz also was one of the guests of honour at Odyssey, the 2010 Eastercon, held at Heathrow in London.

She has had short stories published in Asimov's, Interzone, The Third Alternative and Visionary Tongue magazines. Her story "Out of Scarlight" appeared in the George R. R. Martin anthology Old Mars (2013).

Notable Fanworks

For other DS9 stories see the author's website here.

Star Trek: DS9

Professional Works

For more information about Williams's short stories see her pages here and here. For the list of her books, you can access here or here.


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