Beyond the Wire

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Title: Beyond the Wire
Publisher: a joint project by Far Beyond the Stars and The Official Andy Robinson Fan Club
Editor(s): Gayle Stever, Karen Colohan
Date(s): 1998-2001
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: DS9
Language: English
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Beyond the Wire is a gen and non-explicit slash Star Trek: DS9 anthology of fiction focusing on Bashir and Garak.

The fifth issue was published in 2001, and at that time, the editors felt they needed to define what a fanzine was, as much of their audience was apparently unfamiliar with the term:
New Deep Space Nine Adventures! Do you like to have something printed on paper that you can take anywhere, read whenever you want to, as often as you want to? Do you enjoy stories written by fans, illustrated by fans? I do -- but with the rising popularity of the Internet, fanzines seem to be in short supply these days. But search no more!... Proceeds go to charity.[1]

Issue 1

Beyond the Wire 1 was published in October 1998 and contains 150 pages.

It has 11 stories and contains some slash. Cover art is by Gabi Stiene; interior art is by Janet D'Airo, Alison Binnall, Jackie Curry, Emma Dutch, Jennifer Herd, Valerie Herd, Kate StarChild Larsen, Nancy Lee, Donna McCabe, Deborah Roper, and Rebecca Wise.

front cover of #1, Gabi Stiene

The author of 'First Consideration" wrote: "I wrote First Consideration in 1998, for a fanzine entitled "Beyond the Wire, Vol. 1". It was published by the Doctor's Exchange (the official Siddig El Fadil/Alexander Siddig fan club) and the Official Andy Robinson Fan Club and edited by Gayle Stever and Terry Rillera. I had to wait a year to post it, but that year is up, and now so is the story. It won second place in the Best DS9 General Story (formerly Best DS9 Story) category on Alt.StarTrek.Creative's 1999 Awards and it was recently voted Story of the Month for June 2001 by The Darkness Within." [2]

  • Degrees of Truth by Karen Colohan (1)
  • The Advocate by Carol Reeg (9)
  • Grasping At Shadows by Joan Marie Verba (18)
  • It Takes One To Know One by Carol Reeg (31)
  • Genetically Enhanced by Gayle Stever (40)
  • The Good Tailor by Valerie Herd (41)
  • First Consideration by Gabrielle Lawson (51)
  • The Return by Jill Dahlinghaus (64)
  • The Man In The Plaid Coat by Margaret Riley (82)
  • The Green by Valerie Herd (98)
  • Opportunity by Jill Dahlinghaus (115)
  • My Dinner With Garak by Sandra Necchi (130)

Issue 2

Beyond the Wire 2 was published in October 1998 and contains 150 pages. It has 14 stories and contains very non-explicit slash. Cover art is by Janet D' Airo; interior art is by Alison Binnall, Janet D' Airo, Emma Dutch, Valerie Herd, Kate StarChild Larsen, and Rebecca Wise.

cover of issue #2, Janet D'Airo
  • Especially the Lies by Kathryn Ramage (slash) (1)
  • Overture by Andrea Evans (slash) (7)
  • The Void by Sophie Masse (slash) (12)
  • In the Replimat by Joanne Francis (slash) (26)
  • Survival Skills by Ina Hark (possibly slash) (32)
  • The Secret Ingredient by Chris Jones (slash) (55)
  • Dark Enough by E.H. Williams (slash) (73)
  • Over Lunch by Erin NhaMinerva (82)
  • To Wrong a Friend by Chris Jones (slash) (88)
  • Dreamscape by Valerie Herd (97)
  • The Cloak by Margaret Riley (crossover with Star Trek: Voyager) (102)
  • Expressions by Jill Dahlinghaus (116)
  • The Wrong Lie by Carol Reeg (127)
  • The Jilting of Julian Bashir by Mary Knasinski (based on "The Jilting of Granny Weatherall from "Flowering Judas and Other Stories" -- "Facing death, Doctor Julian Bashir confronts the events and regrets that have shaped his life.") (slash) (143)

Issue 3

Beyond the Wire was published in 1999.

cover of issue #3, by Janet D'Airo

Issue 4

front cover of issue #4, by Janet D'Airo

Beyond the Wire 4 was published in 2000 and contains 150 pages. Cover art is by Janet D'Airo; interior art is by Janet D'Airo, Valerie Herd, Kate StarChild Larsen, Deborah Roper, Sandra Siepert, TACS, and Rebecca Wise.

  • No Time For Tears by Laura Taylor—A formative moment in Garak's childhood. (3 pages)
  • Lunch by Cherri L. Muñoz—An early lunch between Garak and Bashir. (6 pages) (reprinted from the Fiction Supplemental Issue of Plain and Simple)
  • The Doctor’s Visit by Elizabeth Ann Miller—Garak gets a visit from another mysterious stranger. Crossover with Doctor Who. (4 pages) (reprinted from the Fiction Supplemental Issue of Plain and Simple)
  • The Swimming Lesson by Vicki Reeves—Swimming lessons bring up an old memory of Garak's. (6 pages)
  • Brothers by Margaret Riley—Another son of Enabran Tain comes looking for Garak. (11 pages)
  • A Good Friend by Antje Freudenberg—Lwaxana Troi descends on Garak's shop, until he redirects her... (7 pages) (reprinted from The Tailoring Times and Plain and Simple 4/5)
  • Don’t Even Think About It by Fiona McKenzie—A mindlink between Garak and Bashir reveals the existence of a brother Garak didn't know he had. (14 pages)
  • Behind The Pale Moon by Iliana—Garak works with a good friend from the Obsidian Order during the events of "In the Pale Moonlight". (14 pages)
  • Breaking Secrets by Jill—Garak is attacked and Julian wants to know who did it. Be careful what you seek... (18 pages)
  • Family Secrets by Cardie-ologist—Tain's housekeeper, and Garak's mother, Mila pays a surprise visit to the station and shares with her son the story of her relationship with his father and the circumstances leading up to Garak's birth. The actions takes place a few weeks after the events of In the Pale Moonlight. (22 pages) (originally in Scaly Tales #3)
  • Bullseye by Jennifer Roy—Romance blooms between Bashir and Ezri. (6 pages)
  • Doctor’s Diary Part One: Climbing The Walls by Valerie Herd—Garak calls Bashir to Cardassia to help rescue a kidnapped child. (10 pages)
  • Doctor’s Diary Part Two: For The Love Of Ezri by Valerie Herd—Garak and Bashir follow a missing Ezri to a mysterious planet. (15 pages)
  • Doctor’s Diary Part Three: Saving T’Sheila by Valerie Herd—Garak and Bashir try to save the survivors of a passenger ship attacked by something unknown. (14 pages)
  • Secret Agent by Helen Crane—Poem. (1 page)
  • Deep Space Nine by Helen Crane—Poem. (2 pages)

Issue 5

Beyond the Wire 5 was published in April 2001 and contains 79 pages.

The fiction is by Rebecca Wise, Deborah Roper, and Valerie Herd.

It is illustrated, and the front cover is by Janet D'Airo. Interior art is by Valerie Herd, Jennifer Herd, Janet, D'Airo, Katja Lemke.

front cover of issue #5, Janet D'Airo
  • Doctor’s Diary: Death by Dust Bunny, by Valerie Herd (1)
  • Deadly Page by Valerie Herd (reprinted in Trexperts in 2002) (14)
  • Celebration by Valerie Herd (20)
  • Doctor, Tailor…Babysitter by Valerie Herd and Rebecca Wise (30)
  • Discoveries by Rebecca Wise and Valerie Herd (37)
  • The Waiting Game by Jill Dahlinghaus (59)
  • Fracture by Valerie Herd (a crossover with The X-Files) (68)


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